• buzzshock

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    • buzzshock would beat spitter and upchuck since they spit conductive liquids and when arctiguana freezes buzzshock he could use his electric powers to conduct heat and melt himself out    so buzzshock would win

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    • Arctiguana because electricity cant conduct when frozen

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    • Hp9073 wrote:
      Arctiguana because electricity cant conduct when frozen

      yes but buzzshock can still conduct heat through the electricity inside himself

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    • Articguana

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    • Upchuck.  btw @Changewing1, Upchuck doesn't shoot a conductive liquid, he shoots an explosive ball of energy.  

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    • Changewing1 wrote: buzzshock would beat spitter and upchuck since they spit conductive liquids and when arctiguana freezes buzzshock he could use his electric powers to conduct heat and melt himself out    so buzzshock would win

      That's what makes me confused. Absolutely nothing stays frozen in the Ben 10 universe. Nothing. Once you're frozen you're dead, but some wise guy must have brought up the idea to let characters just be able to break out. Sheesh.

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    • upchuck, I have no practicular reason, this choise is just out of nastalgia

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    • Spitter

      I mean upchuck,articguana and buzzshock already appeared and spitter didnt,besides he can shoot acid so he will win.

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    • Buzzshock.

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    • Unless Upchuck can eat electricity like he can eat lasers, I don't see how he can win, due to, theoretically, having nothing to eat to fuel his powers and being unable to redirect his opponent's attacks.

      Articguana would probably be able to freeze Spitter's slime, and Buzzshock's electricity would most likely react with Spitter's slime on him, and he'd be too fast for Spitter to hit.

      I think it'd be between Articguana and Buzzshock.

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    • Upchuck would win, He can fly by releasing air into his mouth, he has 4 powerfull tounges that he use to lift, tear and swallow large objects. 

      Upchuck is a gourmand and in the omnitrix the 2 kinds of gourmands are there, ben has used both perk and murk gourmands already.

      Every Gourmand stomach, (including Upchuck's) is linked to the Bladder Dimension. Therefore they can eat virtually any amount of substance. This is termed as Swarm Gastronomy. This also means that every Gourmand stomach is linked to each other, which is why Upchuck was able to feel the pain and distress of the Gourmands, even from across the galaxy.

      As shown in Tummy Trouble, Gourmand tongues can be used offensively to throw objects or grapple an oppoent. They've proven to be strong enough to pull down Incursean warships and heavy machinery.

      the first one to be out would be spitter because of articgwana then be defeated by buzzshock/megawatts. and buzzshock will be defeated by upchuck.

      It has been shown that Murk Gourmands are able to swallow energy and redirect it. and electricity is a form of energy so buzzshock can't do much damage to upchuck

      worst caase scenario upchuck could eat the whole battlefield or if its a planet, the whole planet. since megawatts can't fly he wouldn't be as fast as he can be. 

      leading to upchucks win

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    • I think electricity would be trickier to eat then the forms of energy they've shown Upchuck eat, like lasers, but I get your reasoning.

      Your argument also reminded me about Upchuck has been shown to eat creatures whole, shown to eat tigers and even Crabdozer. However, Crabdozer was able to break out after shifting to Ultimate Panuncian, causing Upchuck discomfort.

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    • Upchuck felt pain mostly because of the enlargement of Crabdozer to Ultimate Panuncian. The latter is quite large in size compared to his devolved form.

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    • Upchuck does not seem to be able to eat living things, maybe because the bladder dimension seems to reject it causing him discomfort. 

      In Ben 10 Generator Rex Heroes United, Rex used the power of his omega nanites (controlling other nanites) to compressed the nanites including alpha to becomes a heavy ball of nanites. Rex claimed it to be very heavy and asked how Ben would carry it and Ben changed into upchuck lifted it and ate it. This shows that upchuck rally has strong tounges.

      Alpha is like a living thing but actually he is just alpha nanites that is given A.I. which is why even though he was compressed along with the other nanites ben upchuck was still able to eat it.

      Even if he can't eat living things he could swallow them whole, but i don't know how that would be of help (probably give them fear of being swallowed, who wouldn't be) i don't know if he can swallow a To'kustar though (WayBig's species)

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    • spitter and upchuck's powers are ecquals, but upchuck can win. he have

      to eat a rock or more rocks and blast from his mouth to defeat spitter.

      arcticguana will freeze buzzshock in ice block and make upchuck to eat

      the ice block. arcticguana will freeze upchuck and destroy him togheter

      with the ice block which freeze him. finally arcticguana wins!!!

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