• yo dude fasttrack will appear in t.g.i.s because derrick j wyatt said that fasttrack will appear one person said that shell head will make an apperance but i dont belive that but buzzshock will also so don't think i'm lying cause i'm not

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    • I'm willing to believe what you say, but only if you can properly support it.  Otherwise, I will be forced, on account of my contrary evidence, to believe that you are either lying or tragically misinformed.  For you convenience, I will give you my evidence.  First, if you go to the Omniverse episode production order page, you will see that T.G.I.S. was intended to be the first episode of arc 3.  Then, if you go to the Fasttrack page, you will notice two links to Mr. Wyatt's Formspring page.  The first one will inform you that, as of January 19, Omniverse Fasttrack had not yet been designed.  The first episode of arc 3 that aired, Ben Again, aired the same day.  Therefore, we know that arc 3 had been developed before Omniverse Fasttrack was even designed.  And if you go to the second link on the Fasttrack page, Wyatt can further inform you that Fasttrack will not appear for the first forty episodes of Omniverse, and T.G.I.S. is episode 21.

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