• can you make a link to your water balloon page on Ben 10 wikia fanon. ¬†Pleasel

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    • Okay, I'm still working on it now.

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    • Nickfusi0n blocked me, because he doesn't like me. I tried recruiting friends from my other Wiki's to ask what I did wrong, but he blocked them too, so I might have to create another account. I'll still give you a link if it works.

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    • Congrats you won dude

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    • Well technically water balloon won

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    • Thanks!¬†:) lol. I created a new account, but since I had to use the same IP adress it wouldn't work. I'll search for another Ben 10 Fan Wiki

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    • I can still create the page, and you can copy and paste it onto that Wiki.

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    • can I have the link though

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    • Okay, it's almoat finished.

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    • Done yet

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    • Sorry if im being pushy, But I need the picture soon

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    • Picture? Or link?

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    • I can't create the page on that wiki, because of Nickfusi0n, but you can create, and copy and paste this on the page. Here is the text:

      Water Balloon is the Omnitrix DNA sample of a Hydrosapien from the planet Aquaria.


      Water Balloon is a humanoid, dark green frog, that stands on two legs, with port holes on the palms of his hands. His skin resembles that of a spotted frog, and has a large, baige croak. Water Balloon has webbed hands and feet.

      Powers and Abilities

      Water Balloon can absorb and redirect liquid and gas through the port holes on the palm of his hands, inflating him like a balloon, which enhances his strength and durability further.

      Water Balloon can breath underwater, because of his moist skin.

      Water Balloon has enhanced agility

      Water Balloon has a long, prehensile tongue, like a frog, and can jump long distances.

      Water Balloon can redirect the liquid or gas that he has absorbed towards the ground in order to propulsion flight

      Water Balloon can fly by using jet propulsion with his liquid and gas.


      Water Balloon's slippery skin makes it very hard to keep a firm grip on most objects. When he is inflated Water Balloon tends to bounce easily, making it hard to keep balance. At high water and air pressure Water Balloon's port holes aren't strong enough to resist the pressure, making it impossible to absorb liquid or gasses.


      • Joey 10


      • When Water Balloon speakes his croak expands.
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    • A FANDOM user
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