• Good Job, your Water Balloon Idea Was Amazing and now you are one of the 3 (soon to be 5) finalists in my original alien blog.

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    • Thanks!¬†:)

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    • How do I enter

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    • I have an idea of an alien

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    • I don't care for credit ,just want to see if I can actually win in something
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    • If its ok I will post the info

      Name: elementis

      Appearance: a Greek god like humanoid(shirtless) with golden arm bracelet,shoulder pads,crown with the omnitrix on it ,and belt,that contains pods of earth ,water,air,fire in them .he has no legs but a tornado on the bottom of him that allows him to move

      Powers and ability: can turn his whole entire body into either earth,air,water,or fire,except for his armor,

      shoot any of the elements

      shoot electricity in his fire stage,ice in water stage,and metal chunks in earth stage but only when charged up,(by which I mean his emotions,specifically when he's mad).

      of course bend the elements around him,

      enhanced strength



      Can send out element soldier

      Weakness: can easily be defeated by stronger winds,can't breath in space,when his armor is covered in a lot of unidentified substances

      Voice: very wise like voice,kingly,fatherly changes in his different stages,water sounds like he is drowning but can be easily understood,fire sounds like a snake,earth sounds like a wrestler,air his voice is extremely wimsickle

      I hope you enjoy ,sorry if I wasn't supposed to do this just wanted to enter too ,please post who won in the forums Also I don't know how to post a pic ,sorry

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    • That's fine, I'll just post in on the forum, and tell them it's your idea.¬†:) There's still 2 days left to enter.

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    • Thanks

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    • Who won the ¬†contest ,

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    • A FANDOM user
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