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The Widening Gyre is the fortieth episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


A can is floating in the ocean. Behind it, a boat is approaching a dark and foggy island made out of trash. The people on the boat start to cough, while a man runs up to the captain telling him the smell is too strong and the crew can't take it anymore.

Suddenly, the crew member tries to warn the captain in vain. A giant garbage-like creature appears and drags the boat down into the ocean, leaving no survivors.

Ben is digging through his garage while Kevin is moaning about how Ben promised that they would do something fun. Kevin asks Gwen if she's ready to leave. She nods yes and they proceed to leave, but before Ben can stop them, some government agents arrive and politely request his help.

Once at Colonel Rozum's base, he explains that billions of people throw garbage into the ocean, and it's congregated by the currents into a single mass; the Pacific Garbage Vortex. Now there's something living on it and it's taken dozens of ships and hundreds of people captive, including two of his agents and his sister. The team agrees to help and proceed to the island made of trash.


Terraspin fights the Mutant Seagulls

Kevin is flying the Rust Bucket 3 over the ocean, searching for the garbage island. Gwen easily spots it. After they land on the island, the three of them look around, searching for people. In the midst of the garbage, Ben discovers, to his shock and disbelief, an autographed photo of himself. Gwen then suddenly spots a giant skeleton of a dead bird on the floor. Gwen says that many birds die from eating plastic because the plastic poisons them. Ben says to get ready (for an attack) because he spots three mutated giant seagulls coming. Ben transforms into Terraspin and takes down one of the birds, and Gwen takes down a second. Sadly, Terraspin gets knocked down to the floor and the three birds gang up on him and try to eat him. Fortunately, Gwen manages to scare them off and the three of them run away.


The Garbage Monster and Ben's Team

They manage to find two people, Agent Locke and Agent Bryson. It turns out that they are the agents Colonel Rozum sent and they have Rozum's sister (though badly injured and in need of a doctor). They all agree the best course of action is to leave the island immediately. However, Gwen wants to know how the garbage can come alive and attack people. Agent Locke explains that, after discovering the enormity of the issue of the building garbage, the governments of the world combined forces to try to get rid of it. They dropped a bomb full of an experimental, plastic-eating bacteria on it, but it didn't work as planned. The bacteria mutated along with the garbage, thus creating the giant seagulls and the living garbage monsters.


NRG fights the Garbage Monster

Suddenly a deep mysterious voice from no determinable direction claims that they (the humans, not just Ben's team) will never leave the island alive. The group is then attacked by a garbage monster, which pins the group down with garbage. Ben transforms into NRG to fight it while Kevin absorbs some metal from part of a pipe to fight and after a while, they defeat the garbage monster and escape on the Rust Bucket III.

Widening Gyre 21

Way Big fights the Garbage Monster

Suddenly the Rust Bucket hits land ahead of schedule, at which point they realize that the island is moving towards land to acquire the garbage that it needs to feed off of in order to survive. Then the island transforms into a giant monster and Ben transforms into Way Big to fight it. The rest of the group tries to help Way Big in the Rust Bucket III, but it is struck down and crashes into the ocean. Way Big is having a bit of difficulty fighting the monster which, as it turns out, can regenerate.

Then, Way Big creates a water vortex by running around it. This throws it into the sun, thus defeating the monster. Way transforms back into Ben and wonders if that's the end of it, to which Gwen replies "I hope so". Meanwhile, a man throws a bottle into the ocean, and the bottle joins a larger pile of garbage while ominous music plays.

Noteworthy Events

Minor Events

  • The Rust Bucket 3 is shown to be fully repaired after getting destroyed in the previous episode.
  • The team destroys a significant portion of the Pacific Garbage Vortex.



Aliens Used



Gwen: (after the Rustbucket III lands on the island of garbage) This is unbelievable!
Ben: No kidding. I've never smelled anything this bad.
Kevin: Not since the last time you-
Gwen: Let the easy ones go, Kevin.

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Agent Bryson: I don't like it. You should come with us.
Ben: We'll be okay.
Agent Bryson: I wish I could believe that... I want to believe...
Kevin: Come on! Am I the only one who sees this? Nobody else watches television but me?

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Kevin: (using a narrator's voice) Meanwhile back in the garbage vortex, Gwen Tennyson makes a shocking discovery.
Gwen: I'm glad you're taking this seriously, Kevin!
Kevin: (continuing to use his narrator's voice) But Gwen Tennyson is not amused.

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Gwen: You are the worst driver.
Kevin: I'm just glad I could help.

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Way Big: The only thing that can move the trash is what created it in the first place, so I gotta make some waves!

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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian Megesz a szemét The Grabage Eats Me
Portuguese (Br) Redemoinho Supremo Supreme Swirl
Spanish (HA) El Tifón Devorador The Eater Typhoon



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