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The Unnaturals is the tenth episode of the third season of Ben 10, and the thirty-sixth episode overall.


Ben learns that evil robots have replaced all the kids at the Little League World Series. And now they want to replace the President of the USA![CN 1]


The episode begins at a carnival in Philadelphia where Ben loses miserably at a bottle knockers game, which in this case would be Ben Franklin heads. Frustrated, Ben wants to transform into an alien form to win. Just then, just as Max wishes to take him and Gwen to see the famous Liberty Bell, criminals are making off with it in their truck and drive it straight towards Ben.

Max arrives, grabs Ben and pushes him out of the way. The thieves have the Liberty Bell on their truck and Ben tries to transform into XLR8 to stop them, but he transforms into Grey Matter instead and launches onto the truck. Grey Matter starts to take apart the engine, but the truck crashes and launches Grey Matter in a jar of jellybeans for a contest. Grey Matter easily wins and receives a music player. As Ben listens to his music player, Gwen is appalled that Ben cheated with Grey Matter. Max tells Ben that his baseball team from Bellwood is in the Little League World Series. Ben wants to go, and Max agrees.

They arrive at Philadelphia and are scanned by security and Max says that the reason for such heavy detail is because the President loves baseball and will be attending among the audience. Ben sees his home team goes off to greet him, but he is stopped by his bullies Cash and JT. The other team called the Squires arrive and practice with amazing skills which effectively threaten to decapitate the three of them and Gwen. Later, the Cannons and the Squires are playing a game. If the Cannons lose the game, they lose the series. Gwen looks up the Squires with her computer and discovers that they are better than any team in any league in history, which greatly raises some eyebrows. Ben secretly transforms into XLR8 to help out the Cannons and humiliate Cash and JT After the game has been completed, Ben sees Cash and JT getting kidnapped by the Squires.

Ben tries to go alien, but the Omnitrix is timed out from his joyride as XLR8 and has to recharge. The Squires knock out Cash and JT and take them away. In the Rustbucket, Gwen slows down footage of the game from her camcorder to see XLR8. Max is not happy to see Ben using the Omnitrix to cheat, especially at baseball, but Gwen pulls up research on her laptop that reveals he had probable cause. As it turns out, all the kids from the Squire team share their names with past players of the same team name, and the weirdest thing is that there's no proof that these kids exist. Just then, Max sees Coach Finn checking out the President's secret service detail when he should be supervising the practice of his own team before a game, so the two of them decide to do some recon of their own. The Squires bring Cash and JT to a large building and Ben follows and sneaks in. They tie Cash and JT down and create simulacrums of them. Ben realizes that the Squires are androids as well, which is how they've been so perfect, and Max and Gwen arrive, but they are unable to enter. The coach tells the Squires to dispose of JT, Cash, and Ben. They attack Ben with super-fast baseballs and bats. After the Omnitrix recharges, Ben transforms into Diamondhead and he fights the Squires and destroys the Cash and JT robots, much to his satisfaction and Cash and JT's concern. Max and Gwen climb in and free JT and Cash. Gwen sees a scan of the President and the Squires leave and lock the group in, setting their machine to explode.

Diamondhead uses the remaining robots to open the door and the building explodes before Ben exits out of it. Gwen informs Max of the robots' scanned copy of the President's face and Max concludes that if they could switch out Cash and JT for robots, that's exactly what they're going to do with the President. At the game, Ben joins the Cannons and the Squires ready their robot president while JT and Cash have to stay in the Rustbucket. While pretending to be Cash, Ben goes to bat. Ben then hits a ball, runs to second base and transforms into Four Arms to secure a safe. The Squires transform into robots and attack Four Arms and the President. Max and Gwen save the President, but Coach Finn arrives and knocks them out. Four Arms arrives and destroys the robot President. He then battles the robots with a giant bat, but Coach Finn transforms into a robot and attacks. Four Arms defeats him and reverts into Ben, but Coach Finn comes back to life and Ben destroys him for good. Later, the President thanks Cash, the person who he thinks saved his life. Ben is angry that he isn't getting credit for what he did, but admits he learned his lesson about fair play. He transforms into XLR8 again and wedgie hangs JT and Cash from the building (just like he did at the end of the first episode), admitting that as much as he doesn't want to be a cheater, he has no qualms about being a sore loser.

Enoch arrives at the scene of the destroyed robots and vows revenge on the Tennysons, revealing this whole attempted coup d'etat was really a nefarious plot by the Forever Knights.

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Ben: If I just went hero, I'd win every one of those stupid games.
Gwen: Sure. Use the most powerful device in the universe to cheat at Whack-a-Mole. Real nice.

Max: They're getting away with the Liberty Bell!
Ben: Not if XLR8 has anything to say about it!
(Max quickly covers Ben from sight as the Omnitrix’s green flash envelopes him.)
Gwen: Evidently, he doesn't.
(Gwen and Max see that Ben has transformed into a very disappointed Grey Matter.)
Grey Matter: Oh, man!

Ben: So, how'd you two jer-- uh, guys make the team, anyway?
(Gwen facepalms at Ben almost saying "jerks".)
Cash: Talent -- one hundred percent pure talent.
JT: Oh, and four guys got chicken pox.

Coach: We will not be stopped.
(The robot sprouts a laser barrel from its head and aims at the President.)
Ben: Okay. Now, that's cheating!
(Ben rushes over with a piece of debris and stuffs it into the barrel, the four rushing round the corner as it explodes a bright yellow flash. They sheepishly turn back to see it destroyed and crumble.)
Gwen: Yo-o-o-u're... out! Come on, even I couldn't resist.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Croatian Neprirodni Unnatural
French Une équipe hors du commun A team out of the ordinary
Hungarian A Robotcsapat The Robot Team
Polish Cyber Kopie Cyber Copies
Portuguese (Br) Os Desnaturados The Denatured
Romanian Anormalii Abnormalities
Spanish (HA) Los Anormales The Abnormal
Spanish (Spain) Algo Antinatural Something Unnatural


Voice Actor Role(s)
Tara Strong Ben Tennyson
Meagan Smith Gwen Tennyson
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Dee Bradley Baker Cash Murray
Jim Ward XLR8
Richard McGonagle Four Arms
Richard Horvitz Grey Matter
Fred Tatasciore Coach Finn
Richard Doyle Enoch
Adam Wylie JT


  • Ben's pants are torn when he gets hung on a pole, but when he falls, his shirt is also torn.
  • The word "League" is misspelled as "Legague" on Gwen's laptop.
  • In a shot, before the Omnitrix recharges, it is first shown green. After a few frames, the Omnitrix goes back on Recharge Mode, but when Ben moves his left arm, it is shown green.
  • Gwen's eyebrow is thinner for a bit in one shot.


Unnaturals (535)

The Heatblast shirt

  • At the beginning of the Cannons and Squires' first game, someone in the audience is wearing a red and yellow shirt that somewhat resembles Heatblast's body.


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