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The Purge is the thirty-fifth episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


Sir George and his reformed Knights

Driscoll, Urien, Enoch, and Patrick are all sitting in the same room, eyeing each other with the utmost loathing. Chaos erupts when Driscoll angrily berates that Urien is wasting his time by calling him in at the dead of night, being accompanied by the "heretics", until Old George arrives. He scolds them for separating the Forever Knights into different factions.

Incensed, Driscoll warns Old George to "choose his next words carefully." He then orders his knights to attack Old George for his insults, but are helpless against Old George's more technologically advanced Forever Knight bodyguards. Driscoll then attacks Old George himself, but is defeated with very little effort by Old George. Then, Old George reveals his identity and Driscoll kneels before him, calling him "Founder of Our Order, The Original Forever Knight", followed by the other Forever Kings and their knights. Old George unites the Forever Knight factions into one and vows to rid the Earth of all aliens.

Pierce, whose identity is hidden by an ID Mask, is flirting with a girl, but a group of Forever Knights come and demand that he leave Earth. They break his ID Mask, scaring the girl away and then kill him when he refuses to leave Earth.

NRG vs. Trumbipulor

Meanwhile, NRG, Gwen, and Kevin are fighting Trumbipulor, who has escaped the Null Void. Despite their efforts, he escapes as Argit arrives in a shuttlecraft. He explains that the Forever Knights are trying to make him and other aliens leave Earth, and he needs their help to convince them to let them stay. Despite their lack of trust in him, they decide to look into his story. Finding that a few hundred aliens have indeed "left", they go to a Forever Knight castle to investigate. However, they accidentally activate the castle's security alarm; releasing another Dragon Robot, stronger than before. Ben transforms into Lodestar and he and Kevin easily destroy the dragon.

The group head to an alien food market to investigate and talk to the shopkeeper Mr. Baumann to find out why the aliens are leaving. Mr. Baumann tells them that he has no idea, so Ben, Gwen and Kevin leave. They sneak back in and it is then revealed that he has been hiding an alien family from the Forever Knights. Mr. Baumann tells the gang that the Forever Knights have been attacking aliens on Earth. The team decides to set a trap and wait for the Forever Knights to show up at the date that a supply ship for the alien food market is coming.

Upchuck using his long tongue

Soon, the gang is watching over a bunch of aliens as the supply ship comes, but some of George's knights arrive and fight the team, with Ben transforming into Murk Upchuck and leading. However, they end up being outnumbered by the Forever Knights and are defeated by a Plasma Beam Tank.

Ben, Gwen and Kevin free themselves from the handcuffs they have been placed in and Ben challenges Driscoll to a duel. Ben transforms into Spidermonkey and then transforms into Ultimate Spidermonkey.

Driscoll battling Ultimate Spidermonkey

Though Driscoll was gaining the upper hand, Ultimate Spidermonkey beats him and threatens him to free the aliens he has captured as prisoners and get rid of the knights and he transforms back into Ben. Ben delivers a serious threat to Driscoll, which extends to the entire order. The Forever Knights free the aliens and leave.

Driscoll reports his failure to George, but George reassures him that he will not be punished and that this will be the beginning of a far greater war, "The battle of a hundred lifetimes".

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • A war erupts against all aliens on Earth.
  • The Forever Knights factions, with the exception of Sir Cyrus's faction, are united into one.
  • Pierce is murdered by the Forever Knights.

Character Debuts



Aliens Used



Argit: (shuffling through the Forever Knight relics) Wherever they went, they left some choice stuff behind.
Kevin: Leave it, Argit. It's not worth the hassle, trust me.
Argit: Man, it's like I don't even know you anymore.

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Kevin: Whoa! Hey, Tennyson!
Lodestar: I didn't tell you to absorb metal!
Kevin: Good point.

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Ben: (about the alien food market) Wow, did it always smell like this? How could I not notice?
Gwen: Last time you were here, you were twelve. Before you discovered personal hygiene.

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Ben: Let's see how these metal heads like my magnetic personality. (transforms into Upchuck) Upchuck! Great, I'll spit at them.

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Driscoll: My strength comes from the conviction of my beliefs. And of course, my powered armor.

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Ben: (to Driscoll) Maybe you've forgotten something: I'm Ben Tennyson, wielder of the most powerful weapon in the universe. I stopped the Highbreed invasion, I defeated Vilgax in hand-to-hand combat and I've beaten the Forever Knights more times that I can count. Here's what's going to happen: you're going to release these prisoners, you're going to crawl back to wherever you came from and you're going to stop hunting down aliens because if you don't, I promise, you'll regret it for the rest of your very short lives.

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Driscoll: M'Lord, I have failed you, worse, I fear I've broken our code.
George: It's not important, Driscoll.
Driscoll: But sir, I was defeated in single combat and yet-
George: Honor means nothing than fighting these alien abominations, young Tennyson and his friends are but a momentary distraction, in the morning, I shall be leaving on a noble quest.
Driscoll: Quest, M'Lord, where, for what purpose?
George: (chuckles) Even now you have doubts, well in spite of your lack of faith or perhaps because of it, I want you to rule in my absence.
Driscoll: What would you have us do, M'Lord?
George: Simply carry on the work of the order as you see fit, all I ask is that upon my return, the Knights be ready.
Driscoll: Ready for what M'Lord?
George: The Battle of a Hundred Lifetimes.

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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian A Purgatórium The Purgatory
Polish Czystka Purge
Portuguese (Br) A Purificação The Purification
Romanian Epurarea Treatment
Spanish (HA) La Purga The Purge
Spanish (Spain) La Purga The Purge


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Forever Knight #1
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Pierce's Girlfriend
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker NRG
Ultimate Spidermonkey
Richard Doyle Driscoll
Mr. Baumann
Alexander Polinsky Argit
Forever Knight #2
Adam Wylie Pierce Wheels
Forever Knight #3
Peter Renaday Sir George



Becky Lau

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