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The Galactic Enforcers is the sixth episode of the second season of Ben 10, and the nineteenth episode overall.


Ben joins a trio of intergalactic alien heroes tracking down the bounty hunter SixSix. But this bunch of heroes is not all it's cracked up to be.[note 1]


A wormhole in space opens up and a ship comes out. Another opens, but this time, it attacks the ship that previously appeared. An alien attacks the vessel from which was attacked, and he is after a substance called Element X. To complete the mixture, SixSix shows a projection where they will find the next ingredient: Earth.

A black and white cartoon shows up, showing a robot attack ordered by a villain named Lord Doomicus. A hero then shows up and he refers to himself as Ultra Ben. While the crowd cheers for his victory, Ultra Ben is revealed to be none other than Ben, who is daydreaming while reading a graphic novel. He is interrupted by Gwen, who says that he's been sitting on top of a statue. Gwen can't understand how Ben can't appreciate a work of art. While he walks down the steps, an alien vessel flies by, and Ben's excitement starts to overcome him. The ship lands on the city street and the same large, orange alien, called Vulkanus, comes out and he asks the crowd where he can find the Bicenthium Alloy. Nobody understands what he's talking about, so Vulkanus infers that they're protecting the alloy.

Vulkanus hits the ground to shake and threaten the people. Ben transforms into Four Arms and grabs a hold of Vulkanus, trying to pin him down. He knocks Four Arms off him and throws him to a nearby building. SixSix flies by to shoot and Four Arms' memory is jumpstarted by his appearance. SixSix shoots missiles, but Four Arms directs them back to him. SixSix avoids them and lands on top of a truck. Before Four Arms can attack, SixSix releases a capsule which shocks and temporarily disables his body functions. SixSix opens up his compartment of missiles and gets ready to shoot.

SixSix is interrupted and stopped by three aliens who are the Galactic Enforcers. The first is Synaptak, who appears to be a large brain inside, held in a container and rests atop of a body similar to an octopus. The second is Tini, a Tetramand like Four Arms, except a female in this case, and lastly, Ultimos, a caped alien, who is the leader of the group. Ultimos heads towards SixSix and SixSix tries to shoot him down with no luck. Then, Tini comes up and claps her hands to create a powerful sonic wave to push him to the truck where Four Arms is. She looks at Four Arms and Four Arms isn't intrigued by her interest in him. Lastly, Vulkanus tries to attack Synaptak, but he uses telekinesis and carries him up to the sky. Ultimos delivers the final blow.

Ultimos orders SixSix and Vulkanus to surrender, but Four Arms doesn't like the idea. He insists for them to "kick their butts before they try to pull something", but they are distracted enough for SixSix to release a flash capsule to use as an escape. As the vessel prepares to leave, he delivers one more blow towards the columns of a nearby building. Luckily, Four Arms and Tini hold it in place before the roof collapses. Synaptak uses his telekinesis to hold it in place while Ultimos uses heat vision to join them back on.

Tini is intrigued by Four Arms, but he the Omnitrix times out and he reverts back into Ben, confusing Tini. The Galactic Enforcers were aware of the Omnitrix also and that it was in the possession of a child. Their pose doesn't impress Gwen much, but Ben is amazed by their appearance. With that, they teleport Ben and the others with them to discuss matters.

In space, a floating vessel is near Earth. They're then teleported inside the ship. Ben continues to be excited to be with them. To start things off, Max has questions about SixSix and Ultimos explains that he was able to escape incarceration and teamed up with Vulkanus, Vulkanus is a Detrovite, who has limited mental capacity, but with powerful strength. Synaptak looks at Ben to take a quick comparison. SixSix and Vulkanus were hired to steal Element X. When combined with the compound Bicenthium alloy, it'll create a massive explosion, which can destroy a whole solar system. Gwen is intrigued by the explanations so far and Ben doesn't want to hear anymore from her. He insists that Synaptak has it all covered. They release Observos to find SixSix and Vulkanus. As they do, they offer a tour of the ship, but Ultimos explains that only Ben has the privilege to be on the tour. Gwen and Max are to remain on the bridge. Gwen is angered by the rules. While Ben looks out of the window to see the Earth, Ultimos wants to show him something; a huge book which Ultimos refers to as the Galactic Code of Conduct. Ben is absolutely dumbfounded to see such a large book. An alarm then sounds off, signaling that the observers found something. It was SixSix and Vulkanus at a mine and they are searching for iron ore. Ultimos offers Ben to join the Galactic Enforcers. Although Tini wants him to join, Synaptak is against it. In a final vote, Ultimos decides to put him in uniform. As for Max and Gwen, they're told to stay on the ship. Ben offers Ultimos a piece of chocolate before they head off.

SixSix and Vulkanus continue to search and the Galactic Enforcers arrive. Before they are ready for attack, they call Ultimos for what to do next. It seems that he was weakened by the chocolate. Synaptak is furious at what Ben did and takes the lead. Synaptak reveals their location and as an officer, he says that he's to address their presence. Vulkanus throws a truck towards Ben and Tini, but Synaptak holds it in place. Synaptak orders SixSix and Vulkanus to surrender, though they don't listen to his order. They attack back and Tini insists Ben become Four Arms. Ben transforms into XLR8 and decides to draw their attention. XLR8 tells Tini to take Vulkanus down. XLR8 makes a tornado to bring SixSix down. Tini takes Vulkanus down and heads towards XLR8. Instead of attacking SixSix, Tini declares that she must protect XLR8. She ends up being hit in the head. Synaptak takes Vulkanus down, but SixSix disables him. With no teammates, XLR8 is cornered and thinks of what to do next.

In the ship, Max and Gwen watch the battle. Max sets the teleporter's coordinates to their location to help out. While SixSix tries to shoot down XLR8, he can't aim straight for him. He ends up being brought back down onto the ground. Max and Gwen arrive on Earth after, only to end up under a falling vehicle. XLR8 speeds up just in time to save them.

SixSix orders Vulkanus to pick up the container where they collected enough iron ore, and SixSix starts a rockslide to try and slow the team down. Ben thinks of something to try to stop the slide, and he steps forward. Synaptak comes in time to put a barrier around them. It seems that it was just to annoy Synaptak to go into action. They lose SixSix and Vulkanus, and it is explained that the element mixture can be bound only with extreme heat. To make matters worse, they're in an area where such a facility is held. Ultimos regains his strength, and this time, Ben insists that they do it his way.

Inside the mill, Vulkanus looks for the purest mixture of iron to mix with the Element X. The Galactic Enforcers arrive just in time, and Ben transforms into Cannonbolt and attacks SixSix. Gwen, on the other hand, messes around with the recipe. Cannonbolt heads to SixSix, but SixSix shoots him causing him to fall down into the hot liquid metal. Synaptak uses his telekinesis to carry him away. Ultimos and Tini fight Vulkanus and throw him into the hot metal. Meanwhile, Synaptak and Cannonbolt fight SixSix, and SixSix releases a whip, which he uses to grab onto Synaptak. Cannonbolt comes to the rescue after.

Vulkanus then throws a large ball of metal, which destroys the controls of the mixture. The team finishes the fight, and they drop liquid metal on SixSix and Vulkanus, while Ultimos cools it down. In the end, Ultimos is intrigued by Ben's method of fighting and promotes him to a full-pledged Galactic Enforcer. He says he'd rather not, but Ultimos tells him to keep it anyway. Gwen thought that he liked them, but he says he is better off with Max and Gwen.

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Gwen: That's a work of art, you know, NOT your personal butt rest.
(Ben snaps out of it. He's sitting on a large scultpure of a human foot, reading a manga.)
Gwen: You're going to get us kicked out of the museum!
Ben: (hopping down) I don't have that kind of luck.
Gwen: One afternoon of culture won't kill you.
Ben: Unless it bores me to death.
(Ben pulls out a chocolate square from his pocket to munch on.)
Gwen: Hey, can I have a piece of that?
Ben: Sorry, chocolate's for superheroes only.
Gwen: More like super-jerks only...

Tini: So, what's a big, strong alien like you doing on a planet like this? We make a good team, don't we?
(The Omnitrix starts blinking red.)
Four Arms: Yes! Saved by the beep.

Synaptak: So, it is true. The Omnitrix is in the possession of a child. We heard you were of somewhat limited mental capacity. No offense.
Gwen: Don't worry, he gets that all the time.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Croatian Galaktički Policajci The Galactic Cops
Dutch De Galactische Handhavers The Galactic Enforcers
French La Confrérie Galactique The Galactic Brotherhood
German Die Galaktischen Ordnungshüter The Galactic Law Enforcers
Hungarian A Galaktikus Végrehajtók The Galactic Enforcers
Polish Galaktyczni Obrońcy Galactic Defenders
Portuguese (Br) A Força Galáctica The Galactic Force
Romanian Echipa Forţelor Galactice The Galactic Force Team
Russian Полицейские Галактики Police Galaxies
Spanish (HA) Los Luchadores Galácticos The Galactic Fighters
Spanish (Spain) Los Vigilantes Galácticos The Galactic Rangers


Voice Actor Role(s)
Tara Strong Ben Tennyson
Meagan Smith Gwen Tennyson
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Jim Ward XLR8
Richard McGonagle Four Arms
Fred Tatasciore Cannonbolt
Lord Doomicus
John DiMaggio Vulkanus
Tom Kane Ultimos
Vanessa Marshall Tini
Greg Ellis Synaptak



  • In many shots, the Omnitrix's dial faces the wrong way.
  • In some shots, the Omnitrix's dial is colored white and green instead of grey and green.
  • After Ultimos eats the chocolate, nothing is shown near his mouth but when the allergic reaction takes place, there is a chocolate smudge beside his mouth.
  • When Vulkanus picks up the container of iron ore it is grey, but when it shows him and SixSix going towards the ship, it is the same type of yellow container Tini was trapped in.
  • When Ben wears his Galactic Enforcers uniform, the Omnitrix is covered by a glove, but when he uses it to turn into XLR8, the Omnitrix is over the glove.
  • In one shot, the colors of Ultimos' emblem are reversed.
  • Ripjaws' name can be seen in the credits despite not appearing.



  1. The original synopsis provided on the Cartoon Network website erroneously reads: "Ben joins a trio of intergalactic alien heroes tracking down the bounty hunter Six Six. But this bunch of heroes is not all it's cracked up to be."[CN 1]


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