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The Forge of Creation is the sixteenth episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


With Ultimate Aggregor having all four pieces of the Map of Infinity, it looks like his plan will come to fruition. On Galvan Prime, Azmuth scolds Ben, Gwen, and Kevin in his lair for failing to stop him. As Azmuth believes that all hope is lost, Ben says there is still another way to stop Ultimate Aggregor. He says that Kevin made a security system to prevent the transformation into Alien X, so Gwen and Kevin gave Ben their keys and unlocked Alien X and Ben then transformed into Alien X.

Ultimate Alien Alien X Debut

Ben transforms into Alien X for the 2nd time

Inside Alien X, Ben tries to get the attention of Serena and Bellicus. As they begin arguing over minor things, Professor Paradox suddenly appears, making the two personalities furious and they attempt to destroy Paradox, as he is prohibited to be within 500 light years of them, until Paradox teleports Ben back to Azmuth's lair and Alien X transforms back into Ben. As the one who hid it, Paradox can bring the team to the Forge of Creation. After some arguing between each other, Azmuth and Paradox explain that Aggregor's plan was to use the Map of Infinity to enter the Forge of Creation, where Celestialsapiens, like Alien X, are born. Ultimate Aggregor is intent on absorbing the powers of a newborn Celestialsapien that has not developed multiple personalities, and with that power, he can easily conquer the universe. Paradox brings Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to the entrance to the Forge of Creation, where he leaves them as he cannot go there. The group fly the Rust Bucket 3 into the Forge of Creation, but something hits the Rustbucket 3 and the group is attacked by Aggrebots and Ben transforms into Terraspin and attacks the soldiers. Terraspin manages to create a tornado that sends them flying out of the Rustbucket and transforms back into Ben. Unfortunately, Kevin's jet hits a wedge in the time barrier and Ben leans against the invisible barrier and falls in. Gwen saves Ben through pulling him out of the barrier with her mana, but Ben's 10-year-old self emerges as well.

Young Ben says that Ben looks familiar and asks questions to Ben. Young Ben then recognizes Kevin and still believes him to be evil. He transforms into Heatblast and fights Kevin. Ben tries to transform into Big Chill to stop Young Heatblast, but he transforms into NRG instead. Heatblast attacks NRG, but NRG blasts Heatblast, sending him flying away. Gwen saves Heatblast through bringing him to the ground with her mana and he reverts back into Young Ben. Young Ben recognizes Gwen as well, but doesn't believe that NRG is him in the future until he transforms back into Ben. Young Ben is still suspicious of Kevin and the team returns to the problem of the Rustbucket 3 being stuck in the invisible barrier. Young Ben transforms into Wildmutt and starts eating the ship. Ben exits from the ship and reverts Young Wildmutt back into Young Ben, which causes Young Ben to be puzzled about how Ben was able to revert him back into normal and Ben responds that his younger self should keep the Omnitrix locked. The ship gets free and they fly through a field of floating Celestialsapiens. The group warn young Ben not to get their attention, but Young Ben annoys the rest of the team. Kevin yells at Young Ben, but he tells him that his joking is his way of coping with the large stakes of his battles. When Gwen asks Ben about if this is true, Ben denies that he thinks this way as well. Young Ben looks at Ben's aliens in the Ultimatrix (and calls all of the aliens "lame" except for Humungousaur) as they arrive at a female Celestialsapien holding an infant in her outstretched arms. They crash into her hands.


Four Arms facing Aggregor

In the jet, Ben attempts to transform into Big Chill again while Young Ben attempts to transform into Upgrade, but both Bens transform into Four Arms and break out of the Rustbucket 3. Ultimate Aggregor arrives and attacks the team. He defeats Gwen and lands. Ultimate Aggregor says that he will kill Ben and take the Celestialsapien. The team fights, but their attacks have no effect. Four Arms transforms young Four Arms into Stinkfly and transforms himself into Swampfire, then transforms himself into Ultimate Swampfire. Stinkfly says that Ultimate Swampfire is a copy of Wildvine. Ultimate Swampfire catches Ultimate Aggregor in vines, but he escapes. Ultimate Aggregor defeats Young Stinkfly and Ultimate Swampfire and Ultimate Swampfire transforms back into Ben and Young Stinkfly reverts back into Young Ben. He approaches the Celestialsapien. Young Ben tells Kevin that he can absorb the Omnitrix to stop Aggregor, but Kevin absorbs the Ultimatrix. Kevin mutates into an amalgam of Ben's aliens and stops Ultimate Aggregor through absorbs his powers, which transforms Ultimate Aggregor back into normal.


Kevin's sacrifice

Ben tells Kevin to stop, but Kevin has gone crazy with energy. Young Ben convinces Kevin not to absorb the Celestialsapien and he flies away. Paradox arrives and says that he will return young Ben home. He reveals that young Ben will remember this day as a dream, and it will cause him to trust Kevin. He also tells Ben that he will do what needs to be done. Ben vows to take care of Kevin.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • The gang meets up with 10-year-old Ben.
  • Aggregor is stopped by Kevin.
  • Kevin mutates and goes insane once again.

Character Debuts

Ultimatrix Alien Debuts

Minor Events



Aliens Used

By 16-year-old Ben

By 10-year-old Ben



(While Serena and Bellicus are arguing)
Paradox: Hello!
Ben: Professor Paradox?
Paradox: You will not convince Serena and Bellicus to help you, not today.
Serena: Time-walker! You are not welcome here!
Bellicus: Agreed! Motion to punish Paradox for ignoring the treaty between him and Celestialsapien race!
Serena: Seconded!
Paradox: I'm not supposed to get within 500 light years of them.
Bellicus: Motion to destroy Professor Paradox!
Paradox: It's time to leave!

Quotes Right


Paradox: That is the next universe over. I don't like it at all. The physics are terribly counter-intuitive.
Kevin: Wait, I thought the universe was everything.
Paradox: A common error of the parochial mind. There's always more to reality than one imagines.

Quotes Right


Gwen: Or it'll make a 21-year-old you to add to the set.
Young Ben: Awesome!
Gwen: So not awesome.

Quotes Right


Ben: Since you need to cool off, I vote Big Chill!
(Transforms into NRG)
NRG: NRG! Ugh. Can't I catch a break?
Young Heatblast: I'll break something for ya!
(Knocks NRG down, NRG blasts Heatblast high into the air. Gwen catches him and puts him down)
Gwen: Be careful Ben! It's dangerous out here!
Young Heatblast: Not as dangerous as me.
(Transforms back to normal)

Quotes Right


Young Ben: No problem! I'm all recharged!
(Transforms into Wildmutt and starts eating Kevin's spaceship) (Ben touches Young Ben's Omnitrix and turns him back to human)
Young Ben: Hey! How'd you do that?
Ben: You should always keep it locked.

Quotes Right


Young Ben: Your butt is huge.
Gwen: What did you say?
Kevin: He said your butt is-
Young Ben: It was just an observation.
Gwen: You were trying to hurt my feelings.

Quotes Right


Gwen: Ben! No more sugar! Give.
Young Ben: I don't have any!

Quotes Right


Young Four Arms: I was going for Upgrade.
Four Arms: Yeah? Well I was going for Big Chill.
Young Four Arms: How much stronger do I get when I'm older?
Four Arms: A lot!

Quotes Right


Young Four Arms: Can't fight him like this. Shoulda picked a flyer.
Four Arms: Not a bad idea. (Transforms Young Four Arms into Young Stinkfly)
Young Stinkfly: Stinkfly? How'd you-
Four Arms: You'll learn how to do it later! Give me some cover!
Young Stinkfly: (Nods)
Four Arms: (Transforms into Swampfire) Swampfire! (turns into Ultimate Swampfire) Ultimate Swampfire!
Young Stinkfly: Plant guy? It's just a copy of Wildvine.
Ultimate Swampfire: Sure... Remember the time Wildvine did this? (Throws seeds)

Quotes Right

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian A teremtés múhelye The Granulator of Creation
Portuguese (Br) O Centro da Criação The Center of Creation
Spanish (HA) El Fuerte de la Creación The Fort of Creation
Spanish (Spain) La Forja Creacional The Creational Forge


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Terraspin
Ultimate Swampfire
Four Arms
John DiMaggio Aggregor
Young Four Arms
Jeff Bennett Azmuth
Tara Strong Young Ben
David McCallum Professor Paradox


  • When Ben and the others enter the Forge of Creation there is a homage to a famous picture taken by the Hubble Telescope, called "Pillars of Creation".
Pillars of creation

Homage to the Pillars of Creation


  • Paradox hints that Ben will one day gain control of Alien X and there will be a day that young Ben will learn to trust Kevin.
  • This episode reveals that there are other universes.
  • When asked if the "next universe over" was our universe, Dwayne McDuffie replied with "It would've been funny if it was..."
  • The Celestialsapiens had taken notice of Ben, his friends and Ultimate Aggregor's presence, and they were debating over what to do.[DM 1]
  • Young Ben was taken out of his timeline from a point after the summer vacation.[DM 2]
  • Ultimate Aggregor wanted to absorb the powers of the Baby Celestialsapien instead of a fully-grown one because its personalities hadn't developed.[DM 3]
  • Ultimate Kevin absorbed Aggregor's powers because he wanted to, not because he needed to.[DM 3]
  • Ben locked Alien X after this episode.[DM 4]
  • Dwayne McDuffie wanted to bring back Young Ben earlier in the series, but the crew did not have the budget to do the story he came up with.[DM 5]
  • In the Malay dub of this episode, the scene where young Ben teases Gwen and Kevin's joke about how baby Celestialsapiens are born were deleted for slightly suggestive dialogue.
  • In the Indian version of this episode, Kevin's suggestion about what happened to Gwen, the butt joke, the baby Celestialsapien joke and even the part where young Ben calls Kevin a jerk are censored.


Crew Statements

Dwayne McDuffie

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