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The Final Battle: Part 1 is the nineteenth episode of the second season of Ben 10: Alien Force, and the forty-fifth episode overall.


Albedo Ben has stolen the Ultimatrix from Azmuth and has used it to kidnap Gwen and Kevin. So Ben goes to face Albedo Ben and rescue his friends.[CN 1]


On Galvan Prime, Myaxx approaches Azmuth with the details of a break-in on the previous night. Only one item, Azmuth's incomplete Ultimatrix, was stolen. Furthermore, she reveals that Albedo was responsible for the theft. In a cave on Earth, Albedo eats some chili fries while he finishes the Ultimatrix under the supervision of Vilgax but is unable to transform into a Galvan due to the form not being unlocked on the Ultimatrix's playlist, which is synchronized with the Omnitrix's. Albedo surmises that if he acquires the original Omnitrix, he can use it to reset the Ultimatrix. Vilgax, claiming to no longer desire the Omnitrix, agrees to help him recover the Omnitrix from Ben.

Meanwhile, in outer space, Ship, piloted by Gwen and Kevin, pursues an alien vessel to rescue Ben from the bounty hunter Kraab. Gwen and Kevin break into the ship and free Ben, who transforms into Big Chill. In the ensuing fight, the ship's autopilot is destroyed, and it flies into an asteroid field. Gwen creates a giant mana shield to protect the ship from asteroids, but when her defense breaks, Ben tells them to go back to Ship and flee, then transforms into Jetray and attempts to destroy an approaching asteroid. He is unsuccessful, and Kraab's ship is destroyed. Ben guiltily returns to Ship under the belief that Kraab has perished, but Gwen and Kevin irately reveal that they rescued Kraab at the last minute.

On Earth, Kevin drops Gwen and Ship off at Julie's house to study. He goes to visit Ben, who is watching a Sumo Slammers marathon, but quickly gets bored and leaves. While driving through the neighborhood, Kevin is suddenly attacked by Albedo, who transforms into Diamondhead and damages Kevin's car. Kevin and Albedo briefly fight, but Albedo easily defeats him, and brings him back to his lair, but not without picking up some chili fries on the way. Vilgax tells Albedo that Ben is helpless without his friends, so they will defeat him by taking them away and attacking him together, allowing Albedo to recover the Omnitrix and Vilgax to invade the Earth.

Gwen calls Ben asking of Kevin's whereabouts, as he was supposed to pick her up an hour ago. While walking home, Gwen finds Kevin's overturned car under investigation by police officers and recovers a shard of Diamondhead from it. After leaving the crash site, Gwen is attacked by Albedo, who transforms into Swampfire and knocks her unconscious. In the Rustbucket 2, Max is ambushed by Albedo as Spidermonkey, but escapes. Max then comes to Ben's house to warn him of Albedo, and moments later, Albedo appears on Ben's TV and reveals that he has captured Gwen and Kevin. Max warns Ben not to take the bait, but Ben immediately heads off to confront Albedo.

At the entrance to Albedo's lair, Albedo and Ben confront one another, both transforming into Humungousaur. Thinking they're on even ground, Albedo explains to Ben that his version of the Omnitrix isn't a copy, but rather the Ultimatrix, revealing that he has added an evolutionary function that allows him to change into not only what Ben can, but also an evolved form. Albedo presses the Ultimatrix symbol and transforms into a powerfully evolved form of Humungousaur, dubbing it Ultimate Humungousaur. In this form, Albedo easily defeats Ben, but Vilgax who appears with an army of synthetic Bioids, tells him let him live for the moment. He tells Ben to give up the Omnitrix in exchange for the lives of Gwen and Kevin. Choosing to save his friends rather than himself, Ben removes the Omnitrix and presents it to Vilgax, who laughs evilly in his success.

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Spells Used[]

  • Turbo (x2)


Gwen: You should be more careful.
Ben: What for? I always win anyway.
Gwen: Nice attitude.
Ben: Hey, my overconfidence is one of my most appealing qualities.
Gwen: No, it really isn't.

Ben: (about Kraab) You guys saved him?
Kevin: In my defense, she made me.

Albedo: Greetings, Ben Tennyson. Since your grandfather managed to escape me, you must already know that I'm after you. But did you know that I have your friends?
Ben: Albedo, let them go, or-
Max: Easy, Ben. He wants you angry.
Ben: Then today's his lucky day!

Ben: I know it's a trap. I'm not just walking in there.
(Albedo walks out)
Albedo: Then I'll come out. And you're right, it is a trap.
(Albedo activates the Ultimatrix and transforms into Humungousaur)
Ben: I see you got your knock-off Omnitrix working again.
(Ben transforms into Humungousaur)
Humungousaur (Ben): Humungousaur!
Humungousaur (Albedo): It's not a knock-off. It's the Ultimatrix, and it's a definite improvement over the original. Wanna see?
(He turns the Ultimatrix symbol and it pops out)
Humungousaur (Albedo): Not only can I transform into anything you can, but I can also evolve those creatures to their Ultimate Form.
(Humungousaur (Albedo) slaps the Ultimatrix symbol, and transforms into Ultimate Humungousaur)
Ultimate Humungousaur (Albedo): Meet Ultimate Humungousaur!
Humungousaur (Ben): Ugh, I've beaten tougher guys than you!
Ultimate Humungousaur (Albedo): Really? When?
Humungousaur (Ben): For starters... how about now!
(Humungousaur charges at Ultimate Humungousaur)

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
French La Bataille Finale, 1re Partie The Final Battle, 1st Part
Hungarian A Végső Harc, Első Rész The Ultimate Battle, Part 1
Italian La Battaglia Finale, Parte Prima The Final Battle, Part One
Polish Ostateczna Bitwa: Część 1 The Final Battle: Part 1
Portuguese (Br) A Batalha Final, 1ª Parte The Final Battle, 1st Part
Romanian Bătălia Finală: Partea 1 Final Battle: Part 1
Spanish (HA) La Batalla Final: Parte 1 The Final Battle: Part 1
Spanish (Spain) La Batalla Final: Parte 1 The Final Battle: Part 1
Turkish Son Savaş: 1. Bölüm The Last Battle: Part 1


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Diamondhead
Big Chill
Ultimate Humungousaur
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Jeff Bennett Azmuth
Vyvan Pham Ship
James Remar Vilgax



  • When Kevin is piloting Ship in the beginning of the episode, he makes a Star Wars reference by saying "Can't this bucket of bolts go any faster?", which is similar to what Princess Leia says in A New Hope.
  • Ben references Alien Force while watching Sumo Slammers. The version of Sumo Slammers that he watches is called, Sumo Slammers: Hero Generation. "Hero Generation" was the working title for Alien Force. It takes place five years after the original Sumo Slammers, with the villain from the original joining up with the hero, like in Alien Force.


  • In one shot, when Myaxx talks to Azmuth, her neck is not covered by her clothing.
  • The Galvans in the security footage maintain their regular coloring despite everything else being tinted green.
  • Albedo's hair in the security footage in the green tinted video is dark, but a green tint on white hair wouldn't make it dark.
  • When Albedo puts the Omnitrix core into the Ultimatrix, the wrist couplings are not there, but when the symbol changes from green to red, the wrist couplings are there.
  • When Albedo raises his arm after putting the Ultimatrix's core into the gauntlet, the Ultimatrix's dial is sideways.
  • After Albedo passes Lodestar, Humungousaur and Echo Echo's holograms on the Ultimatrix, the couplings are silver and so is the core.
  • In one shot, Albedo is shown turning the Ultimatrix's dial even though it is covered by his sleeve.
  • When Gwen tries to remove Ben's shackle, Ben's arm is next to his body on the next shot.
  • The shackle on Ben's wrist keeps disappearing.
  • Big Chill's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • During Big Chill's transformation sequence, the stripes on Ben's jacket are on the wrong sleeve.
  • When Ben talks to Kevin about Sumo Slammers, the Omnitrix is missing from Ben's wrist.
  • When Albedo walks into the path of Kevin's car, the "10" emblem on his jacket is the same color as his pants.
  • Diamondhead's hologram faces away from Albedo. Also, the Ultimatrix's core pops up without Albedo activating it.
  • Despite Kevin's ID Mask getting damaged from the crash, it doesn't turn him back into his mutated form until he takes it off.
  • Kevin is shown to be wearing his seatbelt when he crashes and even just before Negative Diamondhead pulls him out of the car, but when Negative Diamondhead does pull him (and throw him) out of the car, there is no resistance (not even a stretch) from the seatbelt.
  • Negative Diamondhead throws Kevin and his car's door onto another car. However in the next shot the car door is missing.
  • After Diamondhead shoots Kevin in the back with diamond shards, he has the others in his back. Then, after he charges Diamondhead with a crushed-up car, the other shards are not there, nor are there any holes from them.
  • Kevin's car changes position between shots.
  • When Albedo as Negative Diamondhead enters his hideout, he only has Kevin in his hands, but when he transforms back to human after dropping Kevin, he has a packet of chili fries.
  • When Albedo defeats Kevin, the car is only damaged, but when Gwen stumbles upon it, it is overturned.
  • For some reason there, seems to be diamond shards in the car despite the fact that the only part of the car damaged by Negative Diamondhead was the door.
  • Albedo transforms into Swampfire without activating the Ultimatrix.
  • When Swampfire shoots methane gas out of his hand, he has five fingers instead of four.
  • When Albedo goes after Max, Spidermonkey comes in through the roof of the Rustbucket 2, but when he turns into Rath and busts through the side, the hole on the roof is no longer there.
  • After Albedo attacks Max and the episode cuts to Ben's room, Ben's jacket is shown draped over his desk chair even though he is wearing it.
  • When Gwen and Kevin are on Ben's TV, they are shown in the wrong perspective.
  • When Albedo is about to turn into Humungousaur, the Ultimatrix looks like an Omnitrix with a red color scheme.
  • When Albedo transforms into Ultimate Humungousaur, the spikes on the Ultimatrix symbol don't appear until after he gets fully consumed by the red light.
  • When Vilgax grabs Kevin, he has no lips.
  • When Humungousaur surrenders, his Omnitrix symbol extends out from the silver rim.
  • The end credits misspell Ishiyama's name as "Ishyama".


  • The episode's title is listed as The Final Battle Part One within the episode itself, The Final Battle Part 1 on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 9 DVD and the Cartoon Network website,[CN 1] Final Battle (Part 1) on Amazon Prime Video, and The Final Battle, Pt. 1 on iTunes.
  • This episode is similar to Back With a Vengeance, because in both episodes, Ben's rival, who also has his powers, teams up with Vilgax to try to steal the Omnitrix from him and succeeds.
  • Kevin says that he can't stand Sumo Slammers, yet in Kevin 11, he went and stole new Sumo Slammers games with Ben, and he showed an interest in the Sumo Slammers live-action movie in Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1. However, Kevin only liked the Sumo Slammers games and not the TV show.[DM 1]
  • It is unknown why Kraab kidnapped Ben, but since he's a bounty hunter, Dwayne McDuffie guessed he did it for pay.[DM 2]


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