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The Darkness[DJW 1] is the Negatrix's DNA sample of an unnamed species from an unknown planet, and is exclusive to Nega Ben's dimension.[note 1]


The Darkness is a large bear-like humanoid with grey fur. He has a skull-like head with teeth protruding under it, as well as a white belly. He has three black claws on each arm as well as three black toes. The Negatrix symbol is on his stomach.

Powers and Abilities

The Darkness has "shadow powers".[DJW 2]


The Darkness' name refers to his shadow powers.



  • The Darkness's artwork, which is a recolor of an Undertown resident, was made on a livestream with Derrick J. Wyatt and dyemooch in 2020.[DJW 2]
    • The Darkness's color scheme is based on Donnie Darko.[DJW 3]
  • When asked to elaborate on The Darkness' powers, Derrick answered they would sort of be similar to those of Raven and Obsidian from DC Comics, as well as Cloak from Marvel Comics.[DJW 4]


  1. The transformation, being created by Art Director Derrick J. Wyatt long after the series ended, is non-canon and unofficial.


Derrick J. Wyatt

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