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The Big Story is the third episode of the third season of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and the twenty-third episode overall.


When a mysterious meteor shower leaves behind an evil alien plant species, Ben 10 super-fan Jimmy steps up to save the day.[CN 1]


TBS (69)

SevenSeven battling Rath

Jimmy is near a cave with his video camera, saying he is following a tip about a meteor shower. Suddenly, a meteor hits the inside of the cave, so Jimmy goes investigating, but he is shocked to learn that the object inside the cave is nothing but a "dumb space plant". The plant suddenly blooms and attacks Jimmy.

TBS (169)

Jimmy on air

At a remote location, Ben (as Rath), Gwen, and Kevin are fighting SevenSeven. After SevenSeven defeats Gwen and Kevin, Rath defeats him and ties him to a pole. After Rath transforms back into normal, the group was briefly celebrating victory when Jimmy appears and says he has a major story about an alien invasion. Gwen and Kevin leave as they don't believe him, while Ben goes with Jimmy to go to the cave. Soon enough, Ben can't find the plant Jimmy was talking about, much to Jimmy's disbelief. He refuses to give up, so he finds some water graphs that show an increase in water usage in Bellwood. He then goes back to the cave, and finds Ben there, talking to the alien monster. He gets a blurry picture of Ben and tries to show this evidence to Gwen and Kevin, but they still don't believe him, even when he shows them the increase of water usage, so he goes on Will Harangue's show to tell the people about the invasion, but Harangue twists the story, telling his viewers that Ben is plotting an alien invasion. Gwen and Kevin finally get suspicious and decide to investigate the cave Jimmy was talking about. At Sav Cost, Jimmy encounters Ben, and he is creeped out by his unusual behavior. When he attempts to leave, he is attacked by Humungousaur.

TBS (205)

Plant Humungousaur chasing Jimmy

Jimmy is chased through the supermarket by Humungousaur, who causes a major wreck inside. When Jimmy manages to get away from him by going through a narrow alley, he calls Gwen and Kevin and tells them that Humungousaur is attacking him, but they assure him they know what's going on and that they investigated the cave. Soon, Jimmy is chased by Cannonbolt. Jimmy gets away from him again and finds Gwen and Kevin's car, but he notices something wrong with them. Ben urges him to get in and they go back to the cave. It is revealed that Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are clones created from the plant alien and that they were made to capture Jimmy to find out how he is immune to their master's power. The plant alien's plan is to make copies of everyone in the planet and create a utopian planet without war, hunger, disease, and fun. Soon, vines crawl on Jimmy and prepare to strangle him.

As the vines tighten around Jimmy, a few packages of peanuts from his backpack fall out and land near some vines, which back away from the peanuts. Jimmy realizes that peanuts is the plant's weakness (explaining how he escaped from the plant before) and frees himself and his friends. Plant Gwen and Plant Kevin do not possess their counterparts' powers, but Plant Ben stole the Ultimatrix from Ben while he was captured. Plant Ben transforms into Chromastone, but Jimmy throws peanuts at him, which transforms him back into normal.

TBS (444)

Ultimate Swampfire throws his fire bomb to kill The Plant

Just as Plant Ben is about to transform again, Ben takes the Ultimatrix from him and transforms into Swampfire. Swampfire kills the plant clones, angering the plant alien, causing them to all run out of the cave. Swampfire, Gwen, and Kevin to fight the plant alien, but it is too strong. However, Jimmy throws his backpack full of peanuts inside the alien's mouth, weakening it. Swampfire evolves into Ultimate Swampfire and destroys it. Jimmy is sad that he couldn't get any video of the battle, but they reassure him that he is a real reporter, and they will take him seriously from now on.

Noteworthy Events[]

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Minor Events[]

  • It is revealed that Ben is allergic to peanuts.

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(SevenSeven tries to slash Gwen but is stopped by Rath)
Rath: You did not just do that! Let me tell you something, SevenSeven, intergalactic bounty hunter for hire- (SevenSeven twists his arm around and pushes Rath away) Rath: Ooh! Karate! I'm gonna call you karate man! Can I call you karate man, karate man? Tell you what, karate man! I'll hold real still, like a stack of boards, and you can meditate till your ready to chop me in half! Okay!
(SevenSeven pauses, then slashes at Rath, then Rath grabs SevenSeven)
Rath: I lied! You know what's the difference between me and a pile of boards? Boards don't hit back! (Rath throws SevenSeven into a control panel)
Rath: Now... I'm mad. (Rath cracks knuckles)

Jimmy: I had video, but I think the plant must've taken it when it retreated into the cave. I'd figured you'd want to, uh, check my work.
Kevin: Yeah, I'm out.
Gwen: I have studying to do, Jimmy. Maybe next conspiracy.
Ben: ...Okay, okay, I'll check it out. My car's still in the shop. Think you could give us a ride. (Kevin and Gwen drive off)
Jimmy: I can't believe you don't have a bus pass. That should be Plumber standard issue.
Ben: Yeah, I'll make a note.

Ben: (to the alien plant) Your will is my command.
Jimmy: (gasps) Ben's in on it?

Gwen: Now you're saying Ben is part of the conspiracy? This is a shadowy blob. No credible person would ever take this as real proof.
Harangue: (Cut to TV studio) Welcome back to the Will Harangue Nation. Our guest today - Jimmy Jones. The 10-year-old Jimmy, the boy who exposed Ben Tennyson for the menace that he is.
Jimmy: Uh that-that's not exactly...
Harangue: Don't talk over me, Jimmy. Now Jimmy has a new equally startling claim. Ben Tennyson is leading and alien invasion to take over the entire Earth.

Plant Humungousaur: You can't hide from me, Jimmy. I only want to take you out for a smoothie - not crush you into a fine powder.

Jimmy: Why are you doing this?
Plant Humungousaur: I want to give you an exclusive. A real reporter would risk everything to get to the truth.
Jimmy: A real reporter follows his hunches. And I have a hunch I wouldn't live to post my story.

Gwen: It's okay, we checked out the cave, Jimmy. We know. Where are you?
Jimmy: North side Sav Cost. You can't miss me. I'm the kid on a red bike WITH AN ALIEN CHASING HIM!

Plant Kevin: I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I would be happy to silence this creature for once and for all.
Plant Ben: The master wants to know why it couldn't absorb him earlier.
Plant Gwen: If there are others with his natural resistance, we need to know how it works.
Plant Kevin: So, I can take him out after, right?
Jimmy: (sees the real Ben, Gwen and Kevin inside the pods) You're not Ben at all - or Gwen and Kevin!
Plant Ben: No, we're perfect copies, right down to our DNA.
Plant Kevin: But better than the originals, which were lame.

Plant Gwen: We're in complete harmony.
Plant Ben: Soon there will be no war.
Plant Gwen: No disease. No hunger.
Plant Kevin: No fun.

Gwen: Ben, you've got to get the Ultimatrix back!
Ben: Yeah, I'll work on that when I'm not getting shot at.

Gwen: Caesar later, alligator. Like Caesar salad. Cause they're plants.

Gwen: One against four. Well, it's clearly not a chicken salad.
Kevin: Okay, stop. I can't let a battle pun be the last thing I hear.

Jimmy: (groans) I didn't video any of this. Stupid! Who's going to believe me now?
Ben: We will. Jimmy, you're a real reporter.
Gwen: Yeah, from now on, we'll know to take you seriously.
Kevin: No matter how nutty you sound. "Nutty," see what I did there?
(Ben and Jimmy laugh)
Gwen: Really? Why is it funny when he does it?
Ben: I think it's the delivery.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Hungarian A nagy sztori The Big Story
Polish Artykuł The Article
Portuguese (Br) A Grande História The Big Story
Spanish (HA) La Gran Historia The Big Story
Spanish (Spain) La Gran Historia The Big Story


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Plant Ben
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Plant Gwen
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Plant Kevin
Dee Bradley Baker Cannonbolt
Ultimate Swampfire
Plant Alien
John DiMaggio Rath
Will Harangue
Scott Menville Jimmy Jones



  • When Jimmy is being chased by Plant Humungousaur, his jacket keeps switching from zipped to unzipped.
  • Chromastone and Swampfire's holograms face away from Plant Ben.
  • When the Plant Alien shoots the liquid that forms a sort of containment around Swampfire, it shoots a lot of the liquid (enough to almost drown Swampfire) but after it turns into the barrier, there is only the part around Swampfire.
  • When the plant picks up Swampfire, his Ultimatrix symbol is missing.
  • When Ultimate Swampfire tells the others to run away, his eyes have pupils.


  • While recording his podcast at the beginning of the episode, Jimmy mentions the day and date: Thursday, May 25th.
    • The two closest years to the airdate of this episode for this to be possible are 2006 and 2017. However, the series does not take place in any specific year.[DM 1]
  • A running gag throughout this episode is Gwen making battle puns.


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