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The Alien Device was an online clicking game that takes place where Kevin Levin escapes the Null Void. It is succeeded by The Mystery of the Mayan Sword.


This Ben 10 game has Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max solving puzzles on an epic adventure to stop Vilgax. But first you'll have to go through Kevin Levin, who has escaped from the Null Void and is out for revenge. Use the Rustbucket and Plumber technology like the Null Void Projector to stop him. Click your mouse to find all the right objects and clues to solve every situation as you chase after Vilgax. Explore every level to discover all the items you need, and use hints if you get stuck. Play The Alien Device, more Ben 10 games and other free online games on Cartoon Network.


Aliens Used



  • Goggles - You can use the x-ray glasses to see all things that you can interact with.
  • Backpack - You can use the backpack for viewing areas you have discovered.
  • Help - If you don't know how to continue on the adventure, you can click on "HELP" to get some advice or hints.
  • Secret Area - Discover the secret areas of each chapter for additional benefits.
  • Gem - Collect the gems to gain extra points.


  • While playing Four Arms' minigame, Four Arms has his Omnitrix on his chest.
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