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Tevin is a recurring character in Ben 10 who is friends with Melvin.


Tevin is a hipster man. He wears a blue jean, a red plaid shirt with an orange jacket on top, a green scarf, and a dark green hat. He has a beard in the shape of a padlock and a piercing in his left ear, he also wears glasses.


Tevin is a hipster guy who likes exploration. He has a great friendship with Melvin, working in the same place as him, a restaurant.


In Forgeti, he made fun of Gwen for believing in the Forgeti and played tricks on her along with Melvin.

In The 11th Alien special, he and Melvin walked around in a desert. Later he was trying to solve his problems with the crystals.

In Screamcatcher, he served Ben, Gwen, and Max their food at his restaurant.

In Welcome to Zombozo-Zone!, he and Tevin were running from Max, who was under a mind control. They were soon taken to the kingdom, and hypnotized by Zombozo.

He alongside Melvin briefly appeared in LaGrange Muraille taking a picture of the great wall.


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