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Tevin is a recurring character in Ben 10 who is friends with Melvin.




Tevin is a limp armed pussy bitch. He doesn't know how to do anything on his own, and thusly is always tagging along with his symbiotic victim Melvin. I don't even think Tevin has ever made a choice on his own in his life. Seriously, it's all up to Melvin to guide Tevin and Tevin's itty bitty pea sized brain around. I hate this guy, I want to pop his skull like a zit, and I'm gonna forcibly make him take four tabs of LSD and scream at him while he is scarred for life by the nightmare acid trip. Ben 10 wiki mods PLEASE don't change this edit back to the original. Tevin is such a worthless scumbag that he doesn't deserve it, and I think that it's funny.


Ben 10

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