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My "boss" is whoever the highest bidder is. And right now, your value in the galactic market is well worth the trouble.

– Tetrax to a captured Ben.[1]

Tetrax Shard is a Petrosapien bounty hunter who first appeared in Omni-Tricked: Part 2.


Tetrax wears a shiny grey suit along with a black helmet with a small, teal triangle on it, shoulder pads and boots. There are glowing teal colored lines in his helmet and shoulder pads. Tetrax's Petrosapien physiology can manifest through the armor, allowing him to use his powers without removing it.

Underneath his helmet, he has an appearance similar to that of Diamondhead.

As of Mutiny for the Bounty, Tetrax is now missing his left arm.


As a bounty hunter, Tetrax's motivation is solely based around money. This can lead him from helping Ben Tennyson in the fight against Vilgax to actively hunting Ben down on Azmuth's behalf.

Tetrax believes patience is the key to success and scolded Kraab for wanting to attack Ben early on.

Tetrax is shown to be quite arrogant, viewing himself as the leader of the bounty hunter trio and thus deserving of a prestigious leadership money share.

Tetrax displays a sadistic sense of humor, responding to Ben's horrified claims of letting his cousin Gwen fall to her death as him simply "letting her go", before laughing about it.

Although he initially referred to himself in the third person, he switched to using first person later on.[2]


Tetrax was introduced in Omni-Tricked: Part 2, when he attacked Ben and Phil along with SixSix and Kraab. The trio were hired by Azmuth to retrieve the Omnitrix from Ben, so as to prevent Vilgax from getting hands on it again and completing himself.

In Omni-Tricked: Part 3, Tetrax came through a portal along with SixSix and Kraab to fight Vilgax. However, the trio was defeated and thrown into the portal they came through.

At some point after this, Tetrax was hired by Azmuth along with SixSix and Kraab to bring the Omnitrix to the Null Void.[3]

In Bounty Ball, Tetrax, SixSix, and Kraab attempted to capture Ben on behalf of their client only to be defeated by Shock Rock. During the ordeal, Tetrax threw Gwen off the train and his Petrosapien face was revealed after Shock Rock damaged his helmet. At some later point, Tetrax has a falling-out with his partners.

In Mutiny for the Bounty, Tetrax singlehandedly captured Ben after dealing with Glitch. However, the two were forced to team up to battle Kraab and SixSix. During the fight, Kraab ripped off Tetrax's left arm. After Kraab and Sixsix were defeated, Tetrax was now on friendlier terms with Ben and left Earth in his ship.

In Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, Tetrax appeared during Ben's trial and lied to the court about Ben being a disguised Vilgax, using footage of Gax as "evidence". Though Ben is sent to the Null Void, he is eventually able to escape after earning Azmuth's trust. As for the Incurseans, they learned of Tetrax's deception after Omni-Naut Shock Rock saved them from an unstable Null Void portal.

Though he received his reward for completing his mission, Tetrax was ambushed and defeated by Ben as Diamondhead. Learning that Azmuth was Tetrax's client all long, Diamondhead decides to let Tetrax return to Petropia rather than hand him over to the Incurseans. Nevertheless, Milleous claims that the Incurseans will apprehend him someday, such as in "the next reboot".

Powers and Abilities[]

As he is a Subsapien, Tetrax shares many of the same abilities as Diamondhead.


Textrax carries a laser blaster.


Tetrax's large size prevents him from easily maneuvering himself in tight spaces, such as a train's cabinet doors.[2]

Just like other Subsapiens, he can be harmed by loud sounds.

Due to the loss of his left arm, Tetrax is very limited on many occasions.

Some of Tetrax's attributes to not appear to be on the same level as Diamondhead, as the latter was able to defeat him despite the former's experience with his Subsapien abilities.[3]


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