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The Overlordess is a Tetramand and the Warrior Queen of her home planet Khoros. She exclusively appears in the Alien Worlds Shorts.


The Overlordess is a large female Tetramand, wrapped in leather straps and animal pelts. She wears a golden helmet with two large white horns, and two smaller horns. She has black war paint in the form of two black stripes going down either side of her face crossing her eyes and a black triangle pointing upwards on her chin. She has a necklace and belt, each adorned with five skulls of the same species of predator in various size.


She has won multiple gladiatorial games against Tetramands and vicious predators alike.

When her people mistook a Lepidopterran exploration party for invaders, she was informed immediately and set off to fight them. She was unable to strike any of them with her weapons, as they were too fast to hit. Their goo blasts were ineffective, however, due to her incredible skill with spears. Though she could not kill them, she did scare them enough for them to retreat immediately off of the planet.

She sought out a challenge to conquer Fulmas in a attempt of glory but the planet had been abandoned.

Powers and Abilities

The Overlordess is the strongest Tetramand on Khoros, and therefore is its ruler. She is shown to be exceptional at combat, beating everything thrown at her.

She can spin her spears fast enough to effectively turn them into shields.


Her tamed beast

She is also shown to have a large pet predator of unnamed species. This is incredibly impressive given that it is large enough to swollow her whole. She is also guarded by two small, savage, dog-like creatures near her throne.


She has access to her people's armory, often arming herself with various large and powerful melee weapons. Those shown include short and sharp throwing swords, and long ornate 'spears' that appear closer to battleaxes in design.


She is shown to be too slow to successfully strike the Lepidopterrans that she fought.


Ben 10

Alien Worlds


  • The Overlordess appears to be the reboot equivalent of both Looma Red Wind (due to her gender and being of royalty) and Gar Red Wind (due to her status as the supreme leader of her home planet).
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