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Tetramand Kevin was a Tetramand/Osmosian hybrid Kevin Levin turned into when he absorbed Four Arms' DNA.


While his hair and lower body's clothing remain unaltered, his skin turns red and his upper set of arms enlarge, with four black-nailed fingers on each hand. 4 holes are on the side of his shirt to allow for thinner human-proportioned arms to extend through, 4 fingers on each hand, but with matching nails. He also gains eyes like a Tetramand, 2 rows on top of each other, and crooked teeth.


Kevin attempted to use the power of the Omnitrix to get revenge on his rivals. Ben, believing that he should not use his power for the sole purpose of revenge, attempted to distract him as Four Arms. While the two were brawling, Kevin lost his Heatblast abilities, putting him at a disadvantage.

Like before, Kevin absorbed Four Arms' DNA and fought back. Only this time, he managed to absorb more of the DNA, making him closer to a Tetramand than a hybrid. With his new powers, he easily overwhelmed Ben, who reverted to his human form. With his victory, Kevin attempted to take off the Omnitrix. However, due to him pulling too hard on it, he activated the Omnitrix's defenses, and it let out a blast of DNA, blowing Kevin away and resulting in him losing his Tetramand powers in the process.

Powers and Abilities

Tetramand Kevin retains Kevin's energy absorption powers while also gaining the abilities of a normal Tetramand, such as enhanced strength and durability.


Tetramand Kevin shares a standard Tetramand's general weaknesses, in addition to lower amounts of strength.


Ben 10

Season 1


  • Tetramand Kevin has six arms, two of which are his normal human arms.[1][pop-up 1]



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