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Tetramands are an alien species from the forest planet Khoros.


Tetramands are a buff and bulky species of four-armed humanoids. They have four green eyes and bright red skin. They usually have black stripes on their heads resembling facial hair and/or tribal markings. They have red spikes on their forearms. They have three fingers and a thumb on each hand.


Tetramands are a warrior race, shown to favour demonstrations of strength and power.

Power and Abilities

Tetramands have four very muscular arms. Due to this, Tetramands have a considerable advantage in close hand-to-hand combat.

Tetramands have dense, armor-plated skin, giving them resistance to damage and immunity to fire.

With their incredibly strong legs, a Tetramand can jump at a height of several stories.

Female Tetramands are often more powerful than males.


A Tetramand's size may prove a disadvantage in some situations. Their size will prove a disadvantage in areas designed for other, smaller, species. Their size also makes them easy targets for opponents.


Tetramands have primitive combat-driven technology. They are shown to use large weapons on mobile platforms to aid in hunting. Their weapons consist of various forms of simple blade-based weapons similar to those used in medieval Earth.

They are shown to wear primitive clothing made of animal skins, furs, and leathers. Rarely, a Tetramand will wear animal skulls and horns as part of their attire, as well as bronze armor. This is likely a show of rank or stature.

They can build impressive diamond-like pyramid structures.

Tetramands are able to domesticate other species.

Notable Tetramands

Notable Tetramand Hybrids


Tetramand is made of two Greek words "tetra", meaning four, and "mand" meaning arms. Thus, it literally means Four Arms.

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