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Tesslos[1] is the home planet of the Amperi.


Tesslos is in the distant orbit of two suns, a neutron star and a red giant, in the Andromeda Galaxy. The environment of Tesslos is made almost entirely of heavy swirling gasses. There are no land masses, per se. Its inhabitants move through the various gasses, breathing them as they go, similar to marine lifeforms in the oceans of Earth.

The magnetic poles of the planet are highly charged thanks to the gravitational pull of its two suns. Every creature on this world has adapted to existence within these powerful competing electromagnetic fields and has evolved the ability to manipulate this energy in some way. The most adept at it are the Amperi, leading them to have become the dominant species on Tesslos.

Notable Inhabitants


The name Tessloss is derived from the name Tesla, referring to the famed scientist Nikola Tesla.


  • The name of this planet is incredibly similar to that of the Teslavorr nebula.


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