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The Terramite is Dr. Animo's creation that first appeared in Omni-Tricked: Part 1.


He is a mutant termite/elephant hybrid with six legs, two antennae, a trunk, pinchers, and a brown body.


Created by Dr. Animo to cause Mount Megaloden to erupt, so he can hold the city of Portland to ransom, the Terramite was encountered by Cannonbolt, proving no match for the colossal beast, and was quickly beaten. The Terramite moved off to carry out his master's orders.

Ben engages the Terramite once more as his newest alien Gax. However, the sheer power of the alien caused the very mountains to shatter, and Ben was forced to use the Terramite to plug up the gushing lava before it permanently sealed was a huge boulder. The Terramite is then buried under a rockslide.

Powers and Abilities

Terramite is one of the strongest mutants created by Dr. Animo. It can use its trunk as an arm to grab things like trees to attack. Its great strength and size allow it to take great power to attack its enemies. In addition, it can hide underground and dig at high speed.


It's durability, though great, is limited. It can be crushed and take damage from physically superior foes.


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