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Terradino is the homeworld of the Vaxasaurians.


Terradino is a scorching, desert wasteland with vast canyons and sprawling mesas, like those found in the American Southwest. The atmosphere is a dusty yellow and the numerous asteroids orbiting the planet can be seen from its surface. Reptilian organisms are the dominant life forms.


The Vaxasaurians are a gladiatorial species that love nothing more than a good brawl. They annually hold a contest of strength inside a massive mountain called the "Terror-dome" that is by invitation only, but seems to open to competitors of other species, such as the Appoplexians. Teams of three, with a champion representing the respective species, fight in the arena until there is only one left standing. Despite this, Vaxasaurians have a strong sense of sportsmanship.

Notable Inhabitants



Terradino's name is a play on the words terra, the Latin word for earth or land, and dino, the Latin word for feared, meaning "Feared Land".


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Duncan Rouleau

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