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Terradino is the homeworld of the VaxasauriansKaosseffexx Ultimasaurias and Astrodactyl's species.


A beautiful, mountainous, and lush world, Terradino is home to a vast and varied number of diverse animalistic alien species, many creatures great and small. When seen from space, Terradino resembles Earth.[merch 1]


All of Terradino's different species have not evolved to live here together peacefully. Warring factions in every group constantly seek to wrench control of society for themselves. However, the Vaxasaurians have been able to temporarily restore order through their sheer physical superiority.[merch 1] But there are still worries that the violence and chaos will return, destroying this beautiful planet once and for all.[merch 2]

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Terradino's name is a play on the words "terra", the Latin word for earth or land, and "dino", short for dinosaur.


  • Terradino is the first named planet that is home to two of Ben's aliens.
  • Terradino is quite far away from Earth's solar system.[DM 1]



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