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== Usage & preview ==
Type in this:
{{Infobox Alien
|dna source=
|alternate counterparts=
|ultimate form=
|normal form=
|Alternate Counterparts=
to see this:
{{Infobox Alien
|backcolor = B61A35
|textcolor = F8FE65
|name = Heatblast
|complex = <center><tabber>
|-|OV = [[File:Heatblast omniverse official.png|300px]]
|-|UA = [[File:Heatblast ua.png|300px]]
|-|OS = [[File:Heatblast og.png|300px]]
|species = [[Pyronite]]
|home-planet = [[Pyros]]
|body = Fiery Humanoid
|power = Pyrokinesis<br>Enhanced Strength<br>Enhanced Durability<br>Pyro Immunity<br>Cryo Immunity<br>Flight <small>(via Propulsion)</small><br>Limited Terrakinesis<br>Cryokinesis <small>(cold virus)</small><br>Enhanced Speed <small>(via Propulsion)</small>
|voice = [[Steve Blum]] <small>(Original Series)</small><br>[[Charlie Schlatter]] <small>(Kevin)</small><br>[[Grey DeLisle]] <small>(Gwen)</small><br>[[Dee Bradley Baker]] <small>(Ultimate Alien)</small><br>[[David Kaye]] <small>(Omniverse)</small>
|1st-appearance = And Then There Were 10
|Alternate Counterparts = [[Heatblast (RAT Timeline)|Heatblast]] <small>(RAT Timeline)</small><br>[[Charcoal Man]]
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