Blaziken rjcf
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Rules enforcer; handles wiki vandalism and spam, makes sure wiki streets are clean; constantly makes sure the content of the wiki stays fresh and grammatically correct; third longest-serving administrator. Template:Administrators/Active
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Rules enforcer; assists in counter-vandalism and spam efforts, assures users are aware of errors; always experimenting or suggesting new features or updates; most recently-added administrator. Template:Administrators/Active
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News reporter; the longest-serving administrator; and always has some news to share with the wiki with a strong presence in the community through the forums. Template:Administrators/Active
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File and design administrator; handles our files and design department, helps out with CSS, and also discovers pertinent wiki news; second longest-serving administrator and serves as primary twitter operator. Template:Administrators/Active
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Content editor; finds out information from Ben 10 writers and is adamant in counter-vandalism; fourth longest-serving administrator. Template:Administrators/Active


Credit to the template goes to Avatar Wiki.

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