As the wiki's longest-serving administrator out of its current team, Bike is the wiki's file and design administrator. He helps out with CSS, discovers pertinent wiki news and serves as the primary operator for the wiki's official Twitter account. He also works to get articles up to standards.
Ulti has had a presence on the wiki since September 2012. He often spends his time performing cleanup and completing character galleries. He can also be found on Ben 10 Fan Fiction, on which he is also a bureaucrat.
Aaron is a long-serving user and administrator. He tries to give users a helping hand. He can also be found on Ben 10 Fan Fiction, on which he is a bureaucrat.
Shades first joined the wiki in April 2014. Since then, she's used several accounts and has taken 2 long breaks from the wiki. Before becoming an administrator, she was Ben 10 Planet's first Content Moderator and was once a bureaucrat on Ben 10 Fan Fiction. She mainly focuses on cleanup and rule enforcement.
The wiki's newest administrator, Shocker is known for introducing new features to the wiki, such as the REF tag system, new disambiguation pages and continuity templates. He mainly spends time discussing wiki policies, cleanup of articles, and fact-checking.
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