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Teeny-Weeny is the Hero Watch's sample of a Nanomite.[DJW 1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Despite being Ben 23's smallest alien, Teeny-Weeny can still pack quite a punch. Teeny-Weeny can generate energy from his hands and release it either as a raw discharge of electricity[1][2] or concentrated, explosive orbs of energy.[3] Teeny-Weeny can also project this energy as lasers from his eyes which can destroy smaller technology, such as Aggregor's Mind Control Headbands.[4]

Much like Brainfrog, Teeny-Weeny's size allows him to squeeze into small spaces.[5][6] Teeny-Weeny can also reduce his size at will, even to microscopic scales.[1][2] He can return to his original size, but cannot grow any larger.[DJW 2]

Teeny-Weeny is capable of flying, thanks to possessing a pair of wings.[4][3]

Despite his small stature, Teeny-Weeny has enhanced strength relative to his size, as Nanomech was able to easily lift a food cover over his head.[6]

Teeny-Weeny is resistant to electricity.[1]

Teeny-Weeny is capable of adaptation, allowing him to copy certain abilities of his opponents after being hit by their attacks, as shown when Nanomech copied the Decoy Queen's tentacles.[1][note 1]

Because he is a technological being, it is possible for a Galvanic Mechamorph to merge with Teeny-Weeny.[DJW 3]


Teeny-Weeny's minuscule size can be a problem if fighting larger opponents, as seen when Nanomech was harmed by a fly swatter.[2]

Because he is extremely light, Teeny-Weeny can easily be blown back or sucked up by strong winds.[5][4]


In It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 2, Teeny-Weeny was mentioned when Ben Prime asked Ben 23 to transform him into Nanomech using the latter's Omnitrix.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Polish Malusieńki From malusieńki, teeny
Portuguese (Br) Naniquinho From nano and iguinho, same
Romanian Micu-Piticu From micu, little and piticu, midget
Russian Меньше Меньшего from меньше меньшего, less less
Spanish (HA) Chiquito From chiquito, teeny-weeny


"Teeny-weeny" is an informal adjective for something very small.



  1. It is unknown if Teeny-Weeny has the ability to adapt to his opponents, as, unlike Nanomech, he does not possess any Human DNA.


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