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Techno Zombies is a Ben 10 comic story published in the Cartoon Network Action Pack series (based on the original series), published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 11 of the series.


While heading towards Portland, Ben, Gwen, and Max stop off for lunch at a playground at an eerily quiet town, known for its Shakespeare festival - which, unlike Gwen, Ben is not appreciative towards.

Soon after arriving, the Tennysons realise that everyone in the town is wearing headphones-like ear pieces, including dogs, children and a baby. Immediately after their recognition, the townsfolk walk menacingly towards Gwen, while Ben feels he is getting sucked into a wind-tunnel contraption hidden as a child's slide.

Trying to save Gwen and Max, Ben transforms hastily into Grey Matter, who, due to his size, gets immediately pulled into the wind-slide. While Ben is falling, a zombie-like child attempts to force him to wear an ear-piece, though he's just able to narrowly escape. Ben flings himself free, only to find that Gwen has had the headphones attached to her, and is in a zombie-like trance.

After rewiring Gwen's headphones to send her back to the source of the signal with Grey Matter's intellect, Ben transforms back, where he then follows the controlled Gwen and Max to a building's basement.

Here Ben sneaks in and sees DJ ZeNut, who proclaims he has used some alien equipment to control the minds of the town, and is preparing to use it on a global scale, without the need for the headphones.

DJ ZeNut plays a record, which Ben finds awful. Trying to avoid the mind control, Ben turns into Upgrade, who hijacks ZeNut's 'pure electronic data' - ending the signal, though leaving Upgrade worse for wear.

After, the police arrest DJ ZeNut, and Max and Gwen talk about going to see Hamlet at the theatre, despite Ben not being able to hear, with the ringing in his ears.




Aliens Used


  • The cat eyes on Gwen's shirt were colored yellow instead of light blue.
  • Ben's shirt has a stripe on its back throughout.
  • The Omnitrix's emblem was completely green in one panel.
  • Grey Matter and Upgrade's Omnitrix symbols were colored green instead of white.
  • In one panel, Grey Matter's body was the size of Gwen's head.
  • Gwen's trousers were colored purple instead of white in one panel.
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