The More Things Change Airdate / Text Color Matches Background

The More Things Change (at least Part 1), has been given an airdate--August 1, 2012. Shouldn't the date be changed on the episode listing as well? It still says Fall 2012. And the text color matches the background, is there a way you can format it to maybe white because no one can see the text here (unless that was intended). 18:39, July 22, 2012 (UTC)

That is because the airdates are still 'Fall 2012', the August 1 one is a sneak episode. Tenjamin Kirby Bennyson Talk to me Check my Rep 01:39, July 23, 2012 (UTC)

Blukic & Driba go to Mr. Smothy's

New episode confirmed... Can someone add on? Font:

Sonic Poke (talk) 14:27, November 20, 2012 (UTC)

This episode has been aired at 2012/11/25 on Taiwan. It's just like the UA episode "Catch a Falling Star" aired on Spain earlier than US. I think something plot can be added. It needn't to be rejected.

Asmund (talk) 17:28, November 26, 2012 (UTC)

Arrested Development

I got the news that in this episode there will be a character or villain called Billy Billionswhich his intentions are unknown. And Muroids (possible alien mice)which also unknown.

Ziad-Rahman (talk) 20:39, December 10, 2012 (UTC)

Season 3 Airing Dates

301 - Tummy Trouble Feb/09/13 [SEASON PREMIERE)

Zybloks 08:31, January 29, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks. Fixed. Tenbennyson (T-C) 11:48, January 29, 2013 (UTC)
Oh no! It seems CN changed their schedule again!!! Rules of Engagement is postponed and all the 3 episodes get a week earlier and Vilgax Must Croak airs on March 02. Next Week, most probably we will see Showdown Part 1 if they dont postpone it again. Please make the reqd. changes.
Kindly make the changes.
Zybloks 11:01, February 2, 2013 (UTC)

Production Order Haywire

This is the production order of the first 3 Episodes as well as their US Airing order:

01 - The More Things Change: Part 1

02 - The More Things Change: Part 2

03 - A Jolt from the Past

So till now everything was proper and co-operative until:

Production Order/Airing Order

06 / 04 - Trouble Helix

08 / 05 - Have I got a Deal for you

05 / 06 - It was Them

04 / 07 - So Long and Thanks for all the smoothies?

07 / 08 - Hot Stretch

So now, Trouble Helix could have been aired anytime but the other 4 were interrelated and were produced in such order that the viewers would have been confused. This is why:

> If So Long, And Thanks For All The Smoothies (SLATFALTS) wud have aired 04, the part where Max and the Plumbers control Solid Plugg would make no sense whatever. So this requires Have I Got A Deal For You (HIGADFY) to be aired before it.

> Now consider SLATFALTS to be aired on x number. Now, x>3 but x<9 which means it wud air between A Jolt From the Past and Of Predators and Prey. Consider HIGADFY to be y, And since it airs before x, y<x but y>3 that means either y is 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 but not 8.

> Since Crashhopper was used in SLATFALTS and in Hot Stretch (HS) and Ben does not wonder in any of these (Whoa! New Alien!) but in It Was Them (IWT) he wonders. That means Crashhopper was unlocked in IWT and was subsequently used in SLATFALTS. So in a way, this episode is not related with HIGADFY but only with SLATFALTS which means it is z. Now allow me to explain without getting any further complicated.


Trouble Helix - 04, 05, 06 (Matches with Production Order, verified), 07, 08

HIGADFY - 04, 05, 06, 07 (Does not match with production order)

It Was Them - 04, 05 (Matches with Production Order, verified), 06

SLATFALTS - 06, 07, 08 (Does not match with production order)

Hot Stretch - 05, 06, 07 (Matches with Production Order, verified), 08

Now if all the episodes except SLATFALTS and HIGADFY wud have been aired according to production order, this would have been the order..

01 - TMTC Part 1

02 - TMTC Part 2

03 - AJFTP (Jolt from Past)

04 - HIGADFY (this is where it fits)

05 - IWT

06 - TH (Helix)

07 - HS

08 - SLATFALTS (only left position)

09&10 - OPAP (Predators/Prey)

Now it concludes that:

either, they had planned all the episodes and just finished voicing, etc. in shuffle order or they intended spoiler surprises (but some didnt make sense) so the result was to just swap HIGADFY and SLATFALTS but CN changed all the 5 episodes airing order. Now it doesn't make any difference.

THE THING IS, CN did the right thing for this ARC, but not for the next 2. Which you will learn soon (or wud have already by now):

P.O/A.O (Production Order/Airing Order)

13/11 - Outbreak

11/12 - Many Happy Returns

12/13 - Gone Fishin'

14/14 - Blukic and Driba....

15/15 - Malefactor

17/16 - Arrested Development

16/17 - Bros. In Space..

All these episode order changes did not make any blunders.. but you will see the upcoming did.

25/18 - Ben Again

23/19 - Store 23

26/20 - Special Delivery

Now if you see Store 23 and Special Delivery did make big blunders since Tenn-Speed which Ben gets in TGIS was used and Feedback (biggest spoiler) was also used but he was unlocked in Showdown. Special Delivery featured Captain Kork, Solid Plugg, Dr. Psychobos, SevenSeven, Trumbipulor, Zombozo, etc. which were either caught or were defeated and they probably escaped in TGIS and we skipped that large plot. Ben Again specifically did not do any much SPOILER DAMAGE though.

Now Season 3 started and we weren't even finished with Arc 2.

They showed SEASON FINALE of Arc 2 in SEASON PREMIERE of Season 3.

19/21 - Showdown Part 1

20/22 - Showdown Part 2

The unlocking of Feedback didnt come as a surprise to us since we had already seen him in use in Store 23...

22/23 - Tummy Trouble

24/24 - Vilgax Must Croak

Didn't make big troubles. Soon to air are here:

28/25 - While You Were Away

29/26 - The Frogs of War Part 1

30/27 - The Frogs of War Part 2

Now that is what we call BLUNDERS. airing Season Finale in Premiere of the next season is "Okay". But a 2-parter in the middle of a season is what I am seeing for the first time in my life.

the 3 episodes listed above are sequently and if are interrelated wont make any problems.

27/28 - Rad

18/29 - Rules of Engagement (ROE)

21/30 - T.G.I.S

So the long awaited ends of Arc 2 and PREMIERE of Arc 3 have been post-postponed to the end. Idiotic act I should say. But I hope they air ROE next Saturday and TGIS the following. Then Rad, then While you were away, and finally The Frogs of War so as to stabilize their mistakes. So I end it here in hopes from the CN.

Zybloks 11:06, March 3, 2013 (UTC)

New Episode Tilte Reveled

Derrick comfirmed a new episode title

New Episode Date

I was just looking at my TV guide and I saw that the episode T.G.I.S. is supposed to air on October 3, 2013

End of An Era

Could an admin please add End of An Era on where episode 79 is? Thanks ahead! The 3rd Ultimate Ben 10 Fan! 10:04, October 30, 2014 (UTC)

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