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Sydney is a villain who works with Maurice. He first appeared in The Filth.


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Sydney looks like a tall human and buff with a cockroach head. He has black eyes, antenna, maxillary palpi, and labial palpi. He wore an orange suit that has torn sleeves with black gloves and the black radiation sign on the left side of the chest.


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Sydney shares the same taste of filth as Maurice. He is intelligent, since he is able to drive a vehicle despite having the head of a cockroach.

Sydney has a passion in writing. He even published a few books, gaining fans such as Queen Bee.


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In The Filth, he took orders from Maurice to build the Magg-O-Net Monster.

In Bad Penny, Maurice created a helium weapon in attempt to steal the bank with Sydney, but Diamondhead used diamonds to weigh down everything and Maurice got arrested with Sydney.

In Max to the Max, he and Maurice dug up into the forest and found Ben. Maurice wanted to duplicate Four Arms to do less diggings, but accidentally duplicated Max instead.

In Bomzobo Lives, Sydney was briefly seen with Maurice as Max's new driving instructor (before presumably being beaten by Ben off-screen).

In Assault on Pancake Palace, Sydney posed as "The Executioner" in order to help fuel Maurice's machine and supply his pancake monsters.

In Half-Sies, he and Maurice were seen constantly arguing with one another through most of the episode; before being taken down and sent to prison after failing to blow up the mines.

In Buggin' the Buggs, Sydney was seen relaxing with Maurice at the Chrysalen Institute and were both chased by Humungousaur. They then attempted to drill through the Institute. However, both he and Maurice were stopped by Slapback.

In Big Ben 10 a giant Sydney attempted to steal Big Ben, but was defeated by an equally giant Heatblast.

In Heads of the Family, Sydney ended up continually swapping heads along with Maurice and the others.

Powers and Abilities

Sydney has great strength, being able to fight Four Arms[1] and Slapback[2] on even footing.

Sydney is good at digging.[1]

Sydney is able to spit a green drool from his mouth to defend himself.

Because of his cockroach head, Sydney can eat things at a great speed.

Sydney is intelligent enough to drive a truck despite having the head of a bug.


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Sydney is vulnerable to getting burned.[3]

Sydney is vulnerable to electricity.[4]

The only people who can understand anything Sydney says are Maurice and Queen Bee.[5]


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