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Swimming with Sharks is a Ben 10 comic story published in the Cartoon Network Action Pack series (based on the original series), published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 17 of the series.


Max has taken Ben and Gwen on a trip on board a cruise ship belonging to one of Max's old war buddies. Max is fishing off of the side, when he seemingly drags on board a Medusa-looking Mermaid brandishing a knife for a hand. The Mermaid and her bodyguards pull their weapons and rob the passengers' belongings, including Ben's watch - the Omnitrix.

Ben transforms into Ripjaws, knocking the Mermaid's bodyguards into the ocean where a battle ensues. On board the ship, while the Mermaid is distracted, Max and the others knock the Mermaid down and reveal the woman behind the mask.

Max runs to Ben, realizing the Omnitrix's timer should've gone off by then, bringing him above board as he times out. The unmasked Mermaid calls out to her bodyguards, who are about to start their attack, before Gwen brings Ben the Mermaid-mask head to 'upgrade'.

Using the mask's technology to disarm the bodyguard's torpedoes, Ben, transforming into Upgrade (Classic), defeats the Mermaid's bodyguards through spreading himself across the top of the ocean to their ships, and brings in the robbers to the authorities, where it's revealed that they've been stealing like this for months.

Max's friend is distraught at all the damages to his ship, before excitedly approaching the Tennyson's with the prospect of marketing Ben's transforming watch.




  • Mermaid

Aliens Used


  • Ripjaws is spelt as 'Ripjaw', singular.
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