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Survival Skills is the third Ben 10 short.


When Ben goes against Max's rule that he must start the campfire himself, Heatblast pays the price.[CN 1]


When Ben unwittingly puts out the campfire that was purposely needed to roast marshmallows, Max tells Ben must start the fire again without using the Omnitrix much to his displeasure. After many unsuccessful attempts, such as rubbing against rocks and hurting his knees, as he tries all of this, he grinds his teeth, enraged, Ben transforms into Heatblast to light the fire but Max and Gwen come back and Ben is still Heatblast. Heatblast hides up a tree so Max would not notice that Ben is still in alien form but the branch that he's on collapses in front of Max and Gwen. Heatblast is told off for using the Omnitrix and then Max tells Heatblast to start over again to light on the fire again. Heatblast is used as the campfire until he can light a new one (again without using his powers). While Gwen and Max roast marshmallows with Heatblast's flaming head to pass the time.


Aliens Used[]


(Ben sits himself down at the extinguished fire, putting some logs on and grabbing some rocks to spark it.)
Ben: There. Now all we need is a little spark.
(Ben is unsuccessful, and gives up throwing the rocks, he then tries different methods, continually failing. After hurting himself throwing rocks, he angrily looks at the fire before the watch.)
Ben: What Grandpa doesn't know won't hurt him.
(Ben transforms into Heatblast easily setting the fire ablaze.)

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Polish Obóz Przetrwania Survival Camp
Portuguese (Br) Técnicas de Sobrevivência Survival Techniques
Spanish (HA) Técnicas de Supervivencia Survival Techniques


Voice Actor Role(s)
Tara Strong Ben Tennyson
Meagan Smith Gwen Tennyson
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Steve Blum Heatblast


  • In one shot, the Omnitrix's dial faces the wrong way.


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