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Weird, feels like I'm having a power surge! Wonder what we can do.

– Surge's first words.

Surge is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Xerge from an unknown planet.


Surge is a purple alien who looks like a blocky purple X with a green eye on the top right side. He has green circuitry over his body. He wears the Omnitrix symbol in the center of his body.

Ben 10,000 as Surge

Ben 10,000's Surge looks the same as present-day Ben's, except the purple parts of his body are instead colored dark gray and he has a slightly altered circuitry pattern.

Powers and Abilities

They can't fight alone. They're like an infection. So that's why my Surge alien was a total dud.

Ben discovering the hive-like nature of the Xerge.

Surge is able to control other members of his race by combining with them. By doing this, he can use them to build giant constructs such as a large humanoid or animalistic body to use in combat.

Constructs controlled by Surge can easily rebuild themselves if they are broken apart.

Surge is strong enough to pull himself from the ground. Technically speaking, his physical strength increases exponentially when he combines with other Xerges.[1]

Despite his X-shaped body, Surge has enough dexterity to stand back up after falling.

Surge is quite agile, as he was able to somersault while avoid hits from the Clocktopus. He is also able to levitate and fly.

Surge is extremely durable, as he survived being smashed by the Clocktopus.

Surge can shoot a laser from his eye, as demonstrated by the other Xerge.

Surge is able to generate force fields, as demonstrated by the other Xerge.


No powers? This alien stinks! Who put this dud in my Omnitrix?

– Surge complaining about his lack of powers.

Without other Xerges to combine with, Surge is practically useless on his own, as he has very few individual powers.[2]

Due to his body shape, Surge has trouble walking.

The Xerges that Surge controls can easily be taken by other dominant Xerges coming into contact with them.


Ben 10

  • Surge first appeared in Ben 10,010, where he was unlocked by present-day Ben before he failed to defeat Steam Smythe and met Ben 10,000. Later, Surge was used by both present-day Ben and Ben 10,000 to defeat the Xerge invasion.


Ben 10

Season 5

  • Ben 10,010 (first appearance; x3; 2x by present-day Ben; 1x by Ben 10,000)

Video Games

Cartoon Network Arcade

Surge is a common collectable figure in the Cartoon Network Arcade app.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Origin
Polish Surge From the original English name
Portuguese (Br) Surto From the original English name
Romanian Surge From the original English name
Russian Сёрдж From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Surge
From the original English name
From sobrecarga, overload


  • Surge shares various similarities to Upgrade, namely that both of them speak with a robotic filter, have circuitry patterns and eyes that glow whenever they talk.
    • The purple color scheme of Surge is reminiscent of Upgrade, while the dark grey color with green circuitry of future Surge is reminiscent of classic Upgrade.
  • Unlike other members of his species, Surge's eye is on the top right side instead of the center. The Omnitrix symbol acts like an eye whenever he emotes.
  • Surge is the final alien to be introduced in the reboot to be used by Ben.
  • Surge is still unlocked after the events of Ben 10,010.[DR 1]
  • Despite being introduced in the Reboot, Surge also exists in the Classic Timeline.[DR 2]
  • There is a chance that Surge could return sometime in the future, but there are no immediate plans.[DR 3]


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