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Super Secret Crisis War! is a crossover between various Cartoon Network mediums published by IDW Comics.


  • Issue One: The devious demon Aku has called together a League of Extraordinary Villains - composed of malevolent miscreants from different cartoon universes. When their evil robots show up in the worlds of "The Powerpuff Girls," "Ben 10," "Samurai Jack," "Dexter's Laboratory," and "Ed, Edd and Eddy," it's up to all these fearless heroes to band together and put an end to the League's nefarious plot of inter-dimensional conquest!
  • Issue Two: Aku and his League of Extraordinary Villains have trapped Samurai Jack, Ben 10, Dexter, the Powerpuff Girls, and Ed, Edd, and Eddy like bugs in a jar. (Okay, the Eds were a mistake!) Of course they'll escape! Of course, there'll be mayhem! Sheesh! What did Aku think would happen?
  • Issue Three: Our heroes are trapped, but not for long! The League of Extraordinary Villains has underestimated Samurai Jack, Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter (oh, and Ed, Edd and Eddy!), and now they’re teaming up to get to the bottom of the League’s devious plan.
  • Issue Four: The League of Extraordinary Villains have created a robot army of the captive heroes, Samurai Jack, Ben 10, Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls, with plans to conquer the Universe. Why would they do such a crazy thing? Why are there no Ed, Edd, and Eddy robots? And how can our heroes stop them?
  • Issue Five: With the fate of worlds depending on them, destroying robots—even the powerful Doppelgangers—isn’t cutting it! Now Samurai Jack, Ben 10, the Powerpuff Girls, and Dexter battle Aku and his League of Extraordinary Villains! The wild cards in this conflict? The unlikely team-up of Mojo Jojo and Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy!
  • Issue Six: Mojo-Jojo and Ed, Edd & Eddy—captured! Samurai Jack, Ben 10, the Powerpuff Girls, and Dexter—overwhelmed by Aku, Vilgax and their Doppelganger army. The Deathstare—poised to destroy a world. The heroes are in trouble—so why would Aku and Vilgax attack each other? And, more important, who will win?

One Shot Tie Ins[]

Although Johnny Bravo (July, by Erik Burnham), The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (August, by Kate Leth), Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (September, by Ivan Cohen), Cow and Chicken (October, by Jim Zub) and Codename: Kids Next Door (November, by Scott Peterson) are not a major series involved in the crossover, it has been confirmed to be present as the protagonist series of parallel chapter.

  • Johnny Bravo: There's trouble a brewin' in Aron City, and no sir, it ain't the kind that rhymes with pool! One of Aku's robots has appeared, intent on finding and challenging a hero - any hero - for its evil masters. Instead, the robot finds Johnny Bravo, and proof...that even a robot can be driven mad by exposure to Johnny's obliviousness.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: After one of Aku's robots ends up merged with one of Vilgax's robots due to a malfunction, it lands at Endsville Elementary School. Billy and Mandy are interested in the robot (Billy wants to keep it and name it "Samuel," while Mandy wants to get rid of it), while Grim is merely confused by its existence. As the robot starts causing havoc, the protagonists must end the chaos in Endsville.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: The crossover event of the summer hits Foster's when one of Vilgax's robots known as "3XL", sets out to challenge Bloo, Eduardo, and a host of other familiar Friends! Will they pass the test? Or does the fate of Foster's rest in the hands of the house's newest resident Pixel?
  • Cow and Chicken: Cow's strange new robotic visitor from parts unknown has Chicken feeling overlooked and ignored. Our foul-tempered fowl is looking for options and the Red Guy is more than happy to oblige...
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: The KND discover something even worse than parents, the Delightful Children From Down the Lane, editors, or even asparagus, when they get caught up in the Super Secret Crisis War! Challenged to a fight by one of Aku's robots known as "Q-36", the KND find they're in an impossible situation: win and they're transported to the Robo-World. But lose and... well, they're goners! What's a collection of underage operatives for a super secret global organization to do?


Part One[]

The issue opens with the League of Extraordinary Villains, Aku, Vilgax, Mandark, and Mojo Jojo, discussing their plans to send the robots of one world to face heroes of a different world in order to test their worthiness. Aku chooses Samurai Jack first and has Mandark send one of Computron's robot minions to battle Jack. It appears in the area where Jack is and fires at him. He dodges its attacks and jumps onto its head, stabbing it with his sword, disabling it. In doing so, he's instantly transported to the inside of a containment tube in the villains' lair. Aku boasts on well his plans are going. Vilgax states that his candidate, Ben Tennyson, is up for a real challenge.

Aku offers to scry for him, but Vilgax says he prefers to use the monitor screen. He sends Aku's Ultra-Robots to battle him. Aku asks why he only sent six of them. Vilgax says that he left the lesser robots behind as they seemed redundant. Aku questions how many transformations Ben will use to defeat the robots. Vilgax says that although the Omnitrix contains thousands of transformations, Ben will only use two or three at most. The robots appear before Ben, surrounding him. Ben immediately transforms into Ball Weevil and jumps between two of the robots, tricking them into destroying each other. He then spits a sticky ball at another one, blowing it up. He then transforms into Astrodactyl and flies out of the way of the remaining robots' blasts. He strikes two of them with his energy whips, then destroys the last one with a blast from his mouth. He transforms back to normal, wondering who the robots were before he's suddenly transported into a containment tube right next to Jack. Vilgax mockingly states that he can answer Ben's questions. Ben questions if the robots were the best he could do. Vilgax states that the robots belonged to Aku, not him. Aku says that the robots brought Ben here to be trapped like a bug in a jar.

Vilgax then says it's Mandark's turn, suggesting that he send only two Ultra-Robots because Dexter doesn't have any special abilities besides his intelligence. Mandark grumbles to himself how he wanted to send the Dynamo robot after Dexter, claiming it would be worth watching, but sends the two robots anyway. Dexter is seen in his lab working on an invention, when he hears a noise. Immediately assuming it to be his sister, Dee Dee, he turns around to find instead the two Ultra-Robots who fire on him. He dives for cover, wondering who would send robots to disrupt his experiments. While saying this, he plugs a loose plug into the generator, hooks the exposed end of it to some tongs, then leaps across the room and attaches it to the leg of one of the robots, electrocuting it and the other robot. As he gloats about his win, he's immediately transported into another containment tube. Mandark taunts him and says that he's here to help them conquer the universe.

Mandark then hands the controls over to Mojo Jojo whilst insulting him. Mojo states that the Powerpuff Girls might be small little girls, but they are powerful. He sends another of Computron's minions to the city of Townsville, where the Powerpuff Girls are enjoying themselves at a playground. They then take notice of the giant robot. Blossom calls out to Bubbles and Buttercup, telling them to move. The robot's arm comes crashing down, destroying the playground. Blossom and Buttercup fly away in time, but Bubbles is caught in the blast. She flies up to join her sisters, telling them she's fine. They then proceed to battle the giant robot. Blossom uses her ice breath to freeze the robot in place. As the robot powers up its chest weapon, the girls fly up and push it onto its front, where it blows itself up. Blossom and Buttercup celebrate their victory, while Bubbles states that it seemed too easy. All of a sudden, the girls are transported to the villains' lair inside separate containment tubes, Bubbles in one and Blossom and Buttercup in another. Mojo gloats about their win while Bubbles asks him what he's done. Aku and Vilgax order their robots to bring over wine so that they can celebrate the heroes' capture. Both groups of robots bring over the drinks, but end up bumping into each other. One of them ends up spilling wine on the controls, causing them to malfunction, transporting several of them away.

Vilgax and Aku hold back the malfunctioning robots, while Mandark and Mojo discover that the Dynamo robot has been transported somewhere else. Mojo tracks its location and displays the location on the monitor screen. Mandark questions who the figures on the screen are. The figures in question are Ed, Edd & Eddy, lamenting about the last jawbreaker being gone. They then take notice of the Dynamo robot standing right in front of them, which starts firing at them. Edd wonders how they can turn the robot into scrap metal. Eddy figures if they can trash the robot they can sell it for parts and get rich. They run to the junkyard, where Edd points out a magnetic crane, which he states they can use to scramble its programming. However, the crane operator runs away. Eddy comes up with a plan B; he gets Ed to keep the robot chasing him and for Edd to figure out the crane's controls, while he leads of course. Ed lures the robot toward the crane while it fires at him. Right when the robot is under the crane, Eddy tells Edd to drop it. The magnet drops right onto the robot's head, deactivating it. Edd questions where the robot came from, just before they're all transported inside the last containment tube in the villains' lair. Even though the Eds have no extraordinary powers or abilities the villains decide to conquer their world anyway. The issue ends with the villains toasting to the heroes' capture while wondering where their missing robot servants went.

Part Two[]

The issue opens with the League of Extraordinary Villains gloating about the heroes' capture and how they will rule their worlds. Aku leads the villains to the robotics lab where they will complete the robots for their invasion force while he and Vilgax argue about which of their robot minions are better. Mojo Jojo offers to build more robots, but Aku says they have enough. He assigns Mojo with tracking down their missing robot minions. Mojo privately moans about being treated like a second-class villain. He orders some robot minions to guard the door before leaving.

Bubbles feels sorry for him, but Buttercup reminds her that he's the one who brought them there. Blossom then questions what the villains want with them, to which Jack says is a good question. The heroes then exchange introductions with each other. Jack says that capturing little girls is a new low for Aku. Ben reminds him that the Powerpuff Girls aren't helpless, pointing out that they smashed a giant robot. Blossom and Buttercup use their super-strength to break out of their containment tube while Bubbles uses her sonic scream to shatter hers. Buttercup offers to help free Jack, but he declines. He then uses his sword to slice open his tube. He leaps out and he and the girls battle the robots. Ben then transforms into Kickin Hawk and uses his scythe-blades to break out of his tube and joins the fight. He says to Dexter that they'll free him and the Eds as soon as they beat the robots. Dexter says that he doesn't need his powers to free him. He then takes test tubes out of his pockets and pours the chemicals onto the containment tube, melting it and breaking free.

After the robots are beaten, the Eds ask for help getting out. Dexter offers to help, but the girls tell him that they've got it covered, with Buttercup claiming he's just trying to show off. The girls then break open the tube and lift the Eds out. Dexter grumbles about no one being grateful for having his intelligence on their side. As Ben turns back to normal, Blossom and Bubbles comment on how brave and nice he is while Buttercup adds that he's a good fighter. The heroes run toward the door, again wondering what the villains' intentions are. They discuss the villains' similarities. Bubbles says that there're robot guards outside, but Buttercup doesn't care and uses her eye-lasers to blast the door open, attracting the guards' attention. Ben then transforms into Feedback, saying that if they work together they can defeat them, while Bubbles warns Dexter and the Eds to stay back. Ed then notices a squirrel being teleported in and tries to tell the others, but Eddy tells him to get down.

Eddy sees Dexter walking out onto the field, telling him to get back because he has no powers. Dexter says he doesn't need powers and reprograms one robot's decapitated head and uses it to fire at the other robots. After defeating the robots, Jack tells the others to move on. Bubbles tells Dexter to drop the robot head saying its too heavy for him. Dexter refuses, so Bubbles picks him up and carries him as they follow the others with Dexter using the head to blast two more pursuing robots. The group approaches a window, which Ben, while turning back to normal, suggests that they break open to escape, but stops short when they take a look out the window and see nothing but space. Ben says he doesn't recognize any of the constellations. More robots approach the group, but Ben transforms into Bloxx to block their fire. He asks if anyone recognizes anything out the window, but no one does.

Jack questions how the robots found them. The robot head Dexter's holding begins to laugh. Bubbles scolds Dexter for not getting rid of it and Jack destroys it with his sword. Ben tells the group to run while he holds off the robots. Bubbles is reluctant, but he assures her that Bloxx is fairly indestructible. He then proceeds to battle the robots. Shortly afterward, Ben catches up with the others and asks what's going on. Jack points out an observation window to the room below. It appears to be a robot factory of some kind. Some of Aku and Vilgax's robot minions are on the assembly lines, being reformatted into robot duplicates of the heroes. The issue ends with Bubbles questioning why the villains would do this, while Ed notes that there aren't any robots of the Eds with Eddy complaining about it.

Part Three[]

The issue opens with the heroes staring down at the robot factory. Jack figures this is what Aku meant by invasion force. Bubbles questions again why the villains are doing this. Dexter says, while calling her "woman", that the League is creating the army to make war. Bubbles questions who they're going to war against while Blossom specifically asks why the robots are them while Buttercup fires back at Dexter for insulting Bubbles. Ben says that all they need to do is blow up the robot factory, but Jack disagrees, saying that Aku's plan runs deeper then just creating duplicates of them. Dexter claims that the villains are their main problem.

Suddenly, a huge blast blows up the wall beside them, causing the Eds to run off in panic. Blossom scolds Ben for not getting rid of all the robots, but he says there were obviously more of them. Bubbles points out that the bots have a giant cannon. Ben transforms into Astrodactyl and uses his energy whips to strike the cannon, causing it to blast the ceiling instead. Debris comes raining down, sending the heroes diving for cover. The heroes are now separated in groups of two; Buttercup and Dexter, Bubbles and Jack, and Blossom and Ben. Ben transforms into Mole-Stache and tries to dig through, but Blossom notices a funny smell coming from the debris and asks Dexter what it is. He says that it's leaking a toxic gas and urges everyone to run.

Meanwhile, the Eds are running through a corridor. Edd claims that if they keep going this way, they'll find the others, but Eddy wants to rest a second. Edd then hears voices up ahead. The Eds peek around a corner and see the villains. Aku and Vilgax are arguing whether or not to use a "master weapon" to destroy the heroes' worlds. The argument soon turns physical. Mojo Jojo and Mandark have their own discussion. Mojo doesn't want his world to be destroyed, but Mandark says that Aku, Vilgax, and their weapon are total clichés while adding that the prisoners have probably already escaped. As soon as the villains are gone, the Eds step out of hiding. Eddy notes that Mojo seems nervous. Edd notes that he should be, claiming that Vilgax is looking for any reason to blow up a world. Eddy says they need to find the others and warn them fast.

Elsewhere, Bubbles and Jack are walking through a corridor. Bubbles questions why the villains would want an army that looks like them. Jack says he's not sure because Aku's plans can be very mysterious. They then come across a computer room, where they see several robot minions looking at cameras with the others. The screen with Dexter suddenly cuts out, but they immediately spot Bubbles and Jack and fire at them. While the duo fights them, Jack states that he isn't great with computers and asks Bubbles to find a map and find out where the others are while he holds off the robots. Bubbles accesses the computer and says she found a map, but she says that they're not in real space at all. She then notices Jack is being overwhelmed and uses her eye-lasers to blast a robot behind him. Jack asks what she found. Bubbles says that Ben and Blossom are in another direction and that she thinks that they're in another dimension. Jack notes that another dimension sounds like Aku. They then head off to find the others.

Shortly afterwards, Mojo Jojo walks through a corridor saying that he will find a way to stop Vilgax from destroying his world. He then comes across the computer room that Bubbles and Jack were in. He then notices evidence that a Powerpuff Girl and Samurai Jack have been here and states that Mandark was right, the prisoners have escaped. Mojo then says if he captures the prisoners, he can convince Vilgax not to destroy his world. He then sees the Eds on a monitor screen a few corridors over and decides to capture them.

In another corridor, Buttercup questions why the villains brought them here when they already have robots of them. She then notices Dexter fiddling with a controller and asks what he's doing. Dexter then points the device at a camera, shutting it down while at the same time telling Buttercup to be quiet. She then snaps that she would if he didn't pick up alien tech and play with it. He tells her not to be stupid and says that no robots have attacked them because he created a jammer to block the camera's transmissions. All of a sudden, he and Buttercup are trapped in an energy field generated by Mandark. Mandark says he found them by following the trail of disabled cameras. Dexter questions what he's doing with the villains. Mandark states that Aku made him his apprentice because of his potential, but states that he is Aku's intellectual superior. He says that their escape was just one example of Aku's overconfidence. Buttercup then uses her eye-lasers to break out of the bubble then Dexter uses the jammer to stun Mandark, but not enough to prevent him from sounding the alarm.

Elsewhere, the Eds are wandering through a corridor. Edd states that as big as the ship is, they'll never find the others. Eddy tells him not to hurry because he's finding a lot of alien junk that he says they can sell back on Earth. Just as he pulls another piece out of the wall, the alarm goes off. They immediately take off running, but Mojo Jojo stops them at blaster-point and forces them to march down the hall.

In the robot factory, Vilgax and Aku hear the alarm and realize the prisoners have escaped. Vilgax states that he's surprised that it took them this long. Aku orders the doppelganger robots to prepare for action and for someone to turn off the alarm. In another hallway, Ben, (as Astrodactyl), and Blossom come across a door with Aku's colors on it. Ben figures that this must be Aku's main control room and if they destroy it, their problems will be solved. He figures that since the alarm is going off, there's no point in subtlety. He says that they'll just blast their way in and fires a beam from his mouth, blowing the door open. They then realize that they're in the robot factory. Ben figures that they must've circled around to the other side. Blossom notes that someone finally shut off the alarm. The robot doppelgangers then attack the duo with the Ben robots turning into Astrodactyl too. Ben questions why they were captured if the robots can mimic their powers. Blossom, freezing several Blossom robots with her ice breath, says she was just wondering that. Ben then transforms into Feedback and zaps the Astrodactyl robots with his electric powers. Blossom says that no matter how many they destroy, others keep coming and that they'll never stop them all. Just then, Bubbles, Buttercup, Jack, and Dexter arrive on the scene to help.

Buttercup states that even though the robots can copy their powers, they aren't as strong, fast, smart, or tough as they are. Ben states that he understands, but there are still a whole lot of them. As the battle continues, Aku eagerly says that the readiness of their robot army will finally be tested. Mandark bursts in and says that the prisoners have escaped, which Aku says he knew would happen. Aku states that things are under control, but Mandark says that the heroes are going to win, but Aku says that he wants that outcome to happen. Vilgax then reveals that if the heroes win, their consciousnesses will be transferred into the robot bodies. He says that their compliance to do so will be forced using the Deathstare, a weapon of immense power. Aku says that no matter what happens, the villains will triumph. The issue ends with Vilgax saying that he is actually rooting for the heroes.

Part Four[]

The issue opens with the villains watching the heroes battling the robot doppelgangers. Aku observes that their robot army might yet defeat the heroes. Vilgax disagrees, saying that the robots aren't yet skilled at using the heroes' powers, pointing out that the Ben robots aren't quick enough to match Ben before he destroys them in mid-transformation. Aku says that this reason is exactly why the heroes have been brought here. Vilgax tells Mandark to watch and learn and that before long they'll use their secret weapon to force the heroes' compliance.

Down below, Jack cuts a Jack robot in half while claiming that it's unsettling to cut himself in half. Ben, (as Feedback), disagrees, saying it's kind of fun while blowing up an Astrodactyl robot. Dexter boasts that no robot can mimic his intelligence. Blossom says that the robots do an okay job of copying their powers while Buttercup adds that they're just copies. Bubbles adds that they're slow. Jack agrees, saying that they're not much of a threat individually. Ben says that the Ben robots don't think for themselves, they just imitate what he does, which gives him an idea. He transforms into Pesky Dust with the robots immediately doing the same. But then he quickly transforms into Crashhopper and crushes the Pesky Dust robots underneath his foot.

Blossom states that it worked for a while, but notes that the robots have caught up with him now. The Crashhopper robots leap around uncontrollably, while Dexter notes that his jammer is out of power. He grabs a Buttercup robot's head. Buttercup questions what he's doing. Dexter attaches the robot head to the jammer, powering it up again.

A few floors above, Mojo Jojo still has the Eds at blaster-point. Edd says that they heard Vilgax say he wanted to blow up a world. Eddy asks what kind of weapon could do that. Mojo says that it s a weapon of mass destruction that can shatter worlds into dust. They're interrupted by loud sounds coming from somewhere. Mojo directs them over to the observation window so he can observe what's going on. They see the battle going on down below. Edd and Eddy cheer on the others while Ed notices something. One of the Crashhopper robots smashes into the window, cracking it. Mojo points out that they're not the only ones in danger. Another Crashhopper robot smashes into the walkway the villains are on and explodes, sending the villains diving for cover.

Ben says to forget the robots, while preparing to transform. Blossom tells him to wait, saying that the robots will just copy him. But Ben doesn't listen and transforms into Atomix, saying that the villains are the ones they should be fighting and fires at the bad guys. The Ben robots immediately turn into Atomix too with Blossom pouting in disappointment. After she blows up one of the Atomix robots, Dexter gets an idea. He reprograms the head and throws it to Jack, who throws it at the villains, who get out of the way before it explodes. Vilgax states that they can't allow this to continue saying that Atomix is too powerful and that Ben could blow a hole in the base. Mandark disagrees, saying that the Atomix robots are the main concern. Aku states that the fight needs to be stopped anyway, saying that the robots aren't quite up to destroying the heroes, adding they need a biological upgrade. Blossom questions what he means by biological. Aku says that's where they come in. He says they need to input the heroes' consciousnesses into the robots. Buttercup refuses while firing her eye-lasers at him, but he dodges while refuting her statement.

He orders the robots to stop fighting and for the heroes to stop or their worlds will be destroyed. Jack asks what he means. Aku says that the heroes are only alive because the League needs them alive and that the battle was to test the robots' efficiency and that they're satisfied with their performance. He says the next step is to upload the heroes' brain patterns and knowledge into the robots. He says that the heroes' personalities will remain, but their ethical standards will be removed. Mandark adds that they'll be completely under their control. Aku continues, saying the robots will be upgraded because of this, and that their images will calm the public during the takeover of their worlds. Vilgax says that once that's over, the villains will come together in a massive army that will sweep across the universe.

Bubbles clarifies that the villains want them to cooperate while their worlds are conquered. Buttercup and Blossom state that if their robots are the best they can do, that will never happen. Aku says that while that's a brave sentiment, they don't have a choice. He opens a view-port while revealing that they're aboard a high-tech satellite called Roboworld in a pocket dimension in hyperspace. Vilgax points out the Deathstare satellite orbiting Roboworld. Aku uses a nearby moon for demonstration and asks Vilgax to do the honors. Vilgax fires the Deathstare and blows up the moon. Aku and Vilgax say that the heroes have two options: surrender their minds and bodies for their robot army or watch as their worlds are destroyed one by one.

Blossom says that they can't let the villains destroy any of the worlds. Dexter says that adding his mind to the robots would be a disaster, but Buttercup reminds him about the rest of them too. Ben says they choose option #3, which Jack says is to fight. Buttercup wants to charge in, but Blossom says that if they fight one of their worlds would be destroyed. Dexter says that Roboworld and the Deathstare will have to be moved out of hyperspace first, which means they have time. Jack declares that they've defeated these villains before, to which Ben says that they're doomed. Ben, transforming into Four Arms, says that they'll blow up Roboworld. Jack adds that they'll also destroy the Deathstare. Bubbles says that even if they never get home, they'll do it anyway, but wonders where Mojo Jojo is.

Mojo and the Eds are watching from above. Mojo says that this is a disaster with Edd agreeing. Eddy says that Vilgax can't wait to blow up a world and since no one is there to stop him, questions which world will go first. Ed guesses their world, but Mojo says that it'll be his world, saying that Vilgax will use it as an example. Edd figures that Mojo can stop him with Eddy reminding him that he's a genius. Mojo says they're right, he is a genius. He says that Dexter was right that both Roboworld and the Deathstare will take time and energy to move out of hyperspace and that maybe they can disrupt it. The issue ends with Mojo realizing that to stop Vilgax from destroying his world, he will have to team up with the heroes.

Part Five[]

The issue opens with the heroes fighting the robot doppelgangers. Aku says they couldn't just surrender, that they had to keep fighting until the end. He says that reason will cost them one of their worlds. Vilgax says it's time to start the countdown. Mandark says they have to choose a world for destruction and adds in a list of the things they need to do before Vilgax interrupts him, saying that he should do it. Aku says that he has already preset the coordinates, and sends Mandark to engage the crystals to move Roboworld out of orbit while he and Vilgax distract the heroes.

Down below, Jack says that this mindless battle isn't cutting it and that they need a plan. Dexter adds they need to be someplace quiet, claiming the loud battle confounds his intelligence. Ben, (as Four Arms), agrees, saying they need to leave. The girls pick everyone up except Ben, who tells Blossom he's got this. He transforms into Astrodactyl, with the Ben robots doing the same. As they fly toward the exit, Blossom asks Ben why he doesn't turn into something small and helpless if the robots copy him. Ben says because he needed to do something and blasts the ceiling with a blast from his mouth, blocking the doorway. Ben, turning back to normal, says that with the ceiling collapsed they now have breathing room and asks what's next.

Meanwhile, Mandark makes his way to the engine room, complaining that he does all the work. While pulling the levers, he questions which world Aku has chosen to destroy. He immediately rules out his world, saying that Aku would not have sent him here if that were the case. Not Samurai Jack's because Aku wants that intact. Not Ben's because Aku wouldn't give Vilgax the satisfaction. Not Ed, Edd & Eddy's because no one would care. He finally settles on Mojo Jojo's world, noting that he has disappeared.

Meanwhile, Mojo and the Eds hear the engines warming up. Mojo says that in moments Roboworld will be in position, with Eddy adding it will be ready to blow up a world too. Mojo says that the Powerpuff Girls are the most powerful and must be coerced. Edd says that means he has to switch sides in order to save his world. Mojo says that he is truly evil, but he can't rule his world if it's gone. He says they must destroy Roboworld and the Deathstare. Edd questions if they'll be destroyed if they destroy both Roboworld and the Deathstare. Mojo states he isn't sure and tells them to follow him.

Meanwhile, the others hear the engines rumbling. Jack asks what they should do. Dexter says that they need to download a schematic, locate the engine and destroy it. Bubbles says that she and Jack found a computer room earlier, but trashed it. Dexter says they don't need a computer while holding up the Buttercup robot's head he acquired. He says they can alter the settings and question it, but the robot head starts shaking and sparking. Just before it explodes, the girls carry everyone to safety. Buttercup says that even the robot parts keep fighting. Blossom says they need to find a computer before Bubbles spots Mojo Jojo up ahead.

Before the others can attack him, Eddy says not to because he's on their side now. Mojo says that he'll destroy Roboworld to prevent the destruction of his world. Bubbles and Blossom say they knew he wouldn't let a world be destroyed while Buttercup adds he at least wouldn't let their world be destroyed. Mojo agrees, saying that after he saves their world, all bets are off. They then hear another rumbling, with Mojo saying that Mandark has engaged the second crystal and that they must make plans.

On the other side of the rubble, Aku states the second crystal has been engaged. Vilgax adds that their robot doppelgangers are at work, and begins to help them break the debris pile. On the other side, Mojo notices that Aku and Vilgax are nearly through while Jack asks if everyone's clear on the plan. Mojo gives Blossom a GPS, saying that it'll guide them to the warp room when the self-destruct initiates. Dexter gives Eddy a jammer made from the scraps that he collected, saying that it will freeze attacking robots, but Mojo says that it will run out of power eventually. Dexter complains that he's always disparaging others. Mojo boasts that being underestimated by Aku and Vilgax is exactly why his plan will succeed.

Bubbles and Blossom hug Mojo with Bubbles saying that it's too bad he's a villain because he'd make a good hero and Blossom saying that it's a smart plan, but it's also dangerous. Buttercup, lightly punching Mojo's arm, asks if he's sure he doesn't want them coming with him. Mojo says that their place is on the battlefield, while he goes alone. Eddy questions what he means by alone. Ed clarifies that the villains would get suspicious if any of the heroes were gone, but they hardly remember the Eds are here. Mojo and the Eds take off with Jack wishing them luck. Ben says they're gonna need it. Blossom adds that they will too. Aku and Vilgax finally break through along with their doppelganger robots, some of which have their skin torn off, exposing their robot parts. Jack says that they'll be hard-pressed to win this fight. Ben, transforming into Feedback, says they have to while Dexter adds that there's no chance that Mojo's plan will work.

Meanwhile, Mojo and the Eds have reached the engine room. Eddy questions what Mandark is doing here. Mojo answers that he's engaging the fusion crystals and that four of them will give Roboworld enough power to shift out of hyperspace. Edd remarks that the engine is huge and asks if they can really make it self-destruct. Mojo says that the crystals must be engaged one at a time and that he will override the fail-safe, then hit the levers thereby engaging the remaining crystals simultaneously. He then says the overload will detonate the crystals, destroying both Roboworld and the Deathstare. He then tells the Eds to pretend to be his prisoners. Edd asks if that's all they're supposed to do. Mojo says that the controls are very complex and they would be too clueless to figure them out.

Mandark sees them approaching and asks Mojo what he's doing here. He claims that the Eds were lurking above, but he captured them. He then leaps toward one of the levers, but Mandark traps him in an energy bubble from his gun while several robot minions restrain the Eds. Mandark asks Mojo if he really thought he would trust him after he whined so much about his world being destroyed. Roboworld then shifts into real-space above one of the heroes' worlds.

Ben, (as Atomix), says that Mojo has failed. He says that Atomix can stop them if he sets off a chain reaction. Dexter asks if he can do it before the Deathstare fires. Ben says he could, but that they'd probably all die in the explosion. Blossom says that it's better if they're destroyed rather then an entire world with Buttercup telling him to do it. Aku asks if they're ready to surrender, but Ben cuts him off with a blast from his chest while refusing. In the engine room, Mandark says there're here and that the rest of the crystals will power the Deathstare. He then opens the view-port so that they can watch the destruction. Mojo bemoans the fate of his world, but then he sees that it's not his world. The issue ends with Mandark realizing in horror that it's his world.

Part Six[]

The issue opens with Mandark panicking that his world's destruction will be Aku's demonstration. He says that Aku told him that the world's destruction would be just a threat to force the heroes' compliance. He then realizes that he can't let his world be destroyed and moves to flip the levers back up. One of Aku's robot minions grabs him, saying that this was a test to gauge his villainy. One of Vilgax's robot minions says that he will now observe the event as Aku's captive, not apprentice.

Meanwhile, the others continue their fight against the robot doppelgangers. Blossom says that Mojo Jojo should be dropping the crystals into the engine any minute. Ben, (as Atomix), says that he might've changed his mind. Jack says they'll know soon enough, and that once the countdown starts they'll run for the warp room. Bubbles says that then Mojo will send them home before Roboworld blows up. Dexter says he can't even count the number of ways that the plan can go wrong. Aku says that they're now in orbit over the doomed world and that Mandark is revving up the Deathstare. He says the heroes don't have much time and asks if anyone is ready to surrender. Ben fires a blast at him while saying that means that Mojo has failed. Aku, shape-shifting into a frog, orders a retreat. Vilgax questions why, saying he didn't take Aku for a coward. Aku counters that he took Vilgax for a fool all along.

As the heroes chase them, Aku says that it's time for the heroes to see what their stubbornness will cost them. Dexter spots the world through the viewport and says that that's his world. Aku says that there's still time for them to surrender. Ben says that Dexter's world will be destroyed, then his and then the next until they cave. Jack adds that nobody anywhere will be safe. He, Ben, and Dexter say that they'll go to plan B: hit them with everything they have and that they'll destroy the ship and them with it. Blossom adds that at least then their worlds will be okay.

In the engine room, one of the robot minions says to handle the crystals carefully and not just jam them in place. Edd then remembers the jammer and reminds Eddy, who uses it to freeze the robots holding them, while also freeing Mojo and Mandark. Eddy says Dexter knew what he was doing when he created the jammer. Mojo says the controls are jammed and asks Ed to help him shift the levers. They immediately do so and the crystals are jammed into the engine. The self-destruct countdown starts up and everyone starts running. Mojo says they have to meet the others at the warp room before Roboworld. Edd wonders if the ship will last that long, asking what the others are doing.

Above, the others hear the self-destruct countdown and realize that Mojo and the Eds succeeded. Jack says they need to get to the warp room now. As the heroes run off, Vilgax realizes that Mojo betrayed them. Aku says that he was certain that Mandark would betray them because his world is the target. As they pursue the heroes, Vilgax says that Aku miscalculated every step of the way. Aku says that Vilgax offers nothing but complaints. He says he wouldn't leave the fate of Roboworld to chance and holds up a remote which he says is the master control that will shut down the self-destruct, but Ben, having overheard, blasts it before he finishes talking. Vilgax then attacks Aku saying that he was right that his arrogance has cost them their victory and that he is the real fool. Aku fights back saying that Vilgax is the bigger fool for following him. Vilgax says he should've taken charge from the start.

Edd, as they're running past, asks if they ever quit. Mandark disagrees saying that they're both pompous buffoons unfit to lead. Edd questions if Mandark is truly reformed, but Eddy states that they'll be home soon and he won't be their problem anymore. Mojo tells everyone to stand on the warp disk they arrived on. He says that Mandark has to share with Dexter, with neither looking happy about it. Mojo says that he will hit the return button then leap to share the disk with Bubbles. Once everyone is positioned, Mojo hits the button then leaps onto Bubbles's disk, warping everyone away just before Roboworld and the Deathstare explode.

Dexter and Mandark arrive back home with Dee Dee greeting them and pointing out the explosion of Roboworld and the Deathstare in the sky, mistaking it for fireworks. Dexter asks Mandark why he switched sides. Mandark says that Aku lied about the Deathstare being just a threat and that he couldn't allow the destruction of a world that had Dee Dee in it, even if it meant saving Dexter too. Dexter questions the absurdity of being saved by his sister before angrily reminding Mandark that they saved him, not the other way around

Ben arrives back in Bellwood, saying that he'll miss Jack and Blossom particularly. He even says he'll miss Dexter. He says he could get some chili fries, but says that it'll seem boring compared to what he just went through. Suddenly, Khyber's Panuncian attacks him, with him transforming into Rath to fight back.

The Eds arrive back home, with Edd saying that it's good to be home. Ed says that he'll miss Mojo Jojo. Eddy then states that they could've gotten rich putting him on display. Edd questions whether or not he would've tried to conquer their world first. The Eds then walk to a junkyard with Eddy hoping they can scavenge some robot parts.

Jack is shown back home saying that the universe is saved for now. He says he'll miss the others, particularity the Powerpuff Girls. He says that innocent kids is what the fight for right is all about. He then orders noodles from a food vendor. A small child rushes up to him saying that a monster is attacking and asks for his help. Jack tells the vendor to hold the order and goes to battle the monster.

The Powerpuff Girls and Mojo Jojo arrive home with the girls thanking Mojo for helping them save their world and the whole universe, saying that he's a hero. Mojo disagrees saying that he's a villain while walking off saying that he'll resume his true calling. Professor Utonium greets the girls asking where they've been. Blossom says they were away in hyperspace and Bubbles adds that Mojo Jojo was a hero. Buttercup states that they're glad to be home, but that they miss their new friends.

Aku and Vilgax are then seen crammed into a small spaceship with Vilgax blaming Aku for what happened. Aku states that he's lucky he built an escape shuttle while Vilgax complains that there's only room for one. Aku says it's like that because he's the leader. The story ends with the ship flying off into space with the two villains continuing to bicker.



Ben 10 Omniverse[]

Samurai Jack[]

  • Jack
  • Aku
  • Ultra-Robots

Dexter's Laboratory[]

The Powerpuff Girls[]

  • Blossom
  • Bubbles
  • Buttercup
  • Professor Utonium
  • Mojo Jojo
  • Dynamo

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The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy[]

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Codename: Kids Next Door[]

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  • Father
  • The Delightful Children From Down the Lane
  • H.I.P.P.I.E.-H.O.P.


  • In issue four of the series, Ben says Vilgrax instead of Vilgax.


  • Each issue has its own variant cover. Variants done by Troy Little connect to form one 2x3 cover.
  • The "League of Extraordinary Villains" is a reference to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore.
  • Humungousaur appears on the regular cover to the Super Secret Crisis War's sixth main issue, but does not actually appear in the story itself.
  • Astrodactyl is always drawn with two Omnitrixes, one on each shoulder.
  • The Booby-Trap is very similar to Looma Red Wind's battle in Many Happy Returns. Win and the once will transported to the Robo-World, just like the once who defeats Looma will marry her.

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