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This article is about the fictitious TV series. You might have been looking for the episode of the same name.

Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures, often abbreviated to just 'Super Alien Hero Buddies', was a popular cartoon series based off of Ben Tennyson's aliens that aired during the Tennysons' summer road trip.[1]


The show focused around the three heroes; Handy Buddy, Fiery Buddy, and Doggy Buddy (based off of Four Arms, Heatblast, and Wildmutt, respectively), protecting people from "the nefarious deeds of the League of Evil Doom Fiends" -including Bowling Ball Bandit, Gumdrop Wizard, and the Kitty Litterer.


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Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures Artstyle

Though claimed to have been initially envisioned by Kane North, Tim Dean, an animator working at Planetary Studios, created the show some point after Ben's aliens became publicly known. The show had a simplistic art style, without any outlines, limited colors, and circular/rounded designs for the characters.

Abel North, an actor who previously played the titular character of the show, Kangaroo Commando, claimed his show had been cancelled due to Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures "knock[ing] his TV show off the air!".

Handy Buddy Toy

The show was popular enough to have its own toy line at Planetary Studios, one of which Max Tennyson got for his grandkids.

During the events of Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures, Ben and Gwen saw the TV show airing in the Rustbucket, later going to Planetary Studios during repairs to the RV, to meet with the show's creator Tim Dean over to the likeness between Ben's aliens and the characters. During this visit, Ben got mistaken by Abel North for Tim Dean's puppeteers/animatronics trying to sabotage his 'Kangaroo Commando Stunt Spectacular', and both Ben and Gwen uncovered a plot to kill both Abel and Tim by Abel's fame-hungry brother Kane. After easing tensions between the two, Tim Dean commented that Kangaroo Commando had been "a major influence on [his] career" -- possibly influencing the making of Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures.


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