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Sunny is a robot who appeared in Mud on the Run and the manager of the Weatherheads.


Sunny bears a resemblance to Gust-O, but has white armor, her head and body are more feminine shaped, rounder teeth, and has shoulder plates. She has a red tie-shaped symbol on her chest that divides in three. Her arm and legs are slicker, with her feet being more shoe-shaped.


Sunny takes no nonsense and she doesn't take any excuses from the Weatherheads; despite that, she acknowledges that the Weatherheads have their uses, as they were able to build her a recharging station.


Sunny first appeared in Mud on the Run, where she scolded the Weatherheads for failing another mission and returned them to an unknown location.

She next appeared in Wind Some, Lose Some Where the Weather Heads Build her a Recharging Station

Powers and Abilities

Sunny, as her name suggests, has heat and solar themes to her power. She can fire heat beams from her eyes, lasers hot enough to superheat metal from her palms, and can recharge herself through solar power. She is also capable of flight.



Ben 10

Season 4


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