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Oh, great. It's Sunder the Retriever. Deals in one-of-a-kind artifacts.


Sunder, known widely as Sunder the Retriever, is an alien bounty hunter who first appeared in Singlehanded.


In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Sunder was a hulking, humanoid alien, with grey skin. He wore a black, overall-like outfit with red trim. Sunder had long, white hair, and a scar on his left eye. His eyes were black with red pupils, and he had two slits for a nose. In addition to that, Sunder also had a black trim around his face.

In Omniverse, Sunder wears a metallic mask with two black indentions around both of his eyes, in place of his scar. Sunder's eyes are now red, with black pupils. He also has a red scar, in the shape of an "x" on both of his shoulders. Sunder continues to wear the black overall-like outfit, with the red trim, with a few modifications; he now wears spiked shoulder straps, and spiked wrist bands, with three metal straps around both of his upper legs.


Sunder is very serious about his job, but he doesn't like to be tricked and some people touching his axe. He is also willing to work for anyone he needs to, if he is able to fight. He even has a tendency to aid heroes such as Azmuth, but only if it benefits him.[1]


Alien Force[]

In Singlehanded, he was sent by to pursue Ben and to try to remove the Omnitrix by using his energy axe to bring it to whoever hired him. The result inadvertently sent Ben to the Null Void, while Ben's left hand remained on Earth. Ben's hand gained its own accord and managed to escape from Sunder by knocking him out before leaving to find help.

When the hand was found by Julie, she brought it to Gwen and Kevin. They fought to keep Ben's left hand from falling into Sunder's clutches. When Kevin invented a machine that could bring Ben back, it was a success, except that Ben's left hand ended up in the Null Void. As Sunder charged toward the group, Kevin activated the machine once again and restored Ben's left hand to his body. However, it also sent Sunder to the Void, who was last seen trying to get his axe back from a giant Havoc Beast and being surrounded by cheering Havoc Beasts.

Ultimate Alien[]

Sunder returned in The Transmogrification of Eunice, where he was on a mission to retrieve the Unitrix, which had taken the form of a girl named Eunice. At first, Ben and his team thought Sunder wanted Eunice for himself, but at the end, it was revealed that he was hired by Azmuth to bring Eunice back to him in exchange for being released from the Null Void. Ben convinced Azmuth to let Eunice have a normal life and be one of his assistants, as he always needed help tending to Primus. When Azmuth, Eunice, and Sunder left, Sunder asked Azmuth if he was still getting paid, despite his failure.


At some unspecified point, Sunder got a new mask from Mr. Baumann.[DJW 1]

Sunder returned in Have I Got a Deal for You, having reverted to his evil ways, and battled Shocksquatch in Undertown. As before, he was after Ben's Omnitrix, but was defeated.

During Special Delivery, he and several other villains tried to get the Dwarf Star in Ben's possession but was again defeated.

In Cough It Up, he wrecked the Sock Vendor's shop in order to get a mysterious item that he had never seen. The vendor was unaware and offered him socks. Sunder was just about to finish him, but he found a pair of soft socks that he later took. Ball Weevil appeared to fight Sunder but got tied up in socks. Before he could finish Ben once and for all, Spanner appeared and fought him. At the Black Hole, he told Psyphon that he wanted to know more about this weapon. Psyphon pointed out that he liked his new socks which makes Sunder embarrassed. At the end of the episode, he was banned from Undertown.

In Universe vs. Tennyson, he was freed by Chadzmuth from his cell but was later recaptured by Ben.

Powers and Abilities[]

Sunder possesses enhanced strength, sufficient enough to hold his own against Ultimate Cannonbolt, Kevin, Gwen, and Eunice all at once. He was also strong enough to overpower and briefly knock out Ultimate Spidermonkey.

Sunder's durability is above average. He's durable enough to be weighed down by Ultimate Cannonbolt, though it still causes him discomfort. He is also resistant to Cerebrocrustacean-generated electricity.

Sunder is an expert on rare artifacts, and anything one needs to know to get them.[DM 1]


Sunder has an axe which is able to send whatever it slices to a different dimension when it strikes something such as the Prototype Omnitrix, as he was able to send Ben (minus his Omnitrix hand) to the Null Void.[1] This axe can also shoot energy blasts.

Sunder uses a hoverboard for flight and transportation and has many gadgets inside it. He's also able to dodge long-range attacks when he's on his hoverboard.

Sunder possessed a powerful blaster-pistol that causes dizziness. Although he had obtained it on Galvan Prime,[2] he did not get it from Azmuth.[DM 2]

Sunder has an energy net. He used it twice, for Spidermonkey and Kevin.

Sunder has a sticky goo. He used it for making NRG blind and preventing NRG from fighting him.


Sunder is very dependent on his weapons, seen when he was sent to the Null Void and faced a Havoc Beast who had taken his energy axe from him, demanding it back.

Despite being resistant to Cerebrocrustacean-generated electricity, he's irresistant to Gimlinopithecus-generated high voltage electricity.[3]

Sunder is sensitive to Sonorosians' sonic screams.[1]


Alien Force[]

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Other Comics[]


Video Games[]

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Video Games[]

Sunder Cosmic Destruction

Sunder in Cosmic Destruction

Sunder appears in Cosmic Destruction for all consoles. He appears in Paris, and tries to take the second piece of the Potis Altiare after Ben defeated the Vreedle Brothers. After two failed attempts on Ben's life, Sunder fights Ben on the Eiffel Tower, but is soundly defeated by Ultimate Swampfire and thrown off the tower.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Dutch Splijter From splijten, to split
French Séparator From séparer, separate
Hungarian Baltazár From balta, axe and the name Balthazor
Polish Szukacz From szukać, to seek


Sunder is another word for "steal by any means necessary" which is a reference to his bounty hunting job.


  • Sunder works for anyone as long as he gets paid.[DM 1] For example, he has worked for Vilgax.[DM 3]
  • The reason Azmuth hired Sunder is because he specializes in retrieving unique objects. As the Unitrix could have transformed into any sapient creature in the galaxy, Azmuth needed someone resourceful and tough.[DM 4]
  • Sunder is based off several villains from Marvel Comics. His general design resembles Terrax whereas his glider is modeled after the Goblin Glider used by the Green Goblin and Hobgoblin.


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