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Sumo Slammers a popular multi-media franchise in the world of Ben 10 spawning merchandise such as video games, TV shows, movies, trading card games.

It tells all kinds of action-packed adventure stories with a mix of both steam and cyber punk that revolve around samurai warriors in the likeness of sumo wrestlers, the central character being Ishiyama.

In-Universe Media and History[]

Video Games[]

Cyber Slammers

Cyber Sumo Slammers game

There is a Sumo Slammers video game that Ben and Gwen played in The Ring Leader.

In Cutting Corners, Ben wants to buy a Sumo Slammers video game called "Sumo Slammers Ultimate Video Slam", which cost $40.

In High Stress Express, Ben got a high score in a Sumo Slammers video game on his tablet, which Gwen later beat.

In Cyber SlammersBen and his family head to a Crate in Tokyo for the launch of a new Sumo Slammers video game, Cyber Sumo Slammers.

In Falls, Falls, Falls, Ben played a mobile game called "Sumo Slammers Hyper Revolution".

Arcade Games[]

First seen in Party Poopers, the Sumo Slammers' Arcades are present in gaming areas and parties.

In Players of the Lost Park, an arcade of the Sumo Slammers is visible.

Card Game[]

IKE (381)

Sumo Slammers cards

There is a Sumo Slammers card game which has different kinds of collecting cards. The Platinum card is the rarest card. According to Ben, there was only one Platinum card in the world. However, it was torn into two by Grandpa Max at the end of Rustbucket RIP.

TV Series[]

24Hours (42)

Ben watching the series

Sumo Slammers have a TV Series, as shown in Ben 24hrs. Season 3 was launched in that very episode.


Slushifier Machine[]

First seen in Freaky Gwen Ben. It also comes with original flavor packets.


The Mojo Dojo Play Set is first seen in Battle at Biggie Box. It comes with miniature training equipment, real fire and spring loaded traps.

Bentuition Grey Matter 2

First seen in Bentuition: Grey Matter 02, Ben as Grey Matter, fights a toy of the Sumo Slammers.

In Introducing Kevin 11, an old Sumo Slammers collectible is seen. Unfortunately, it got dirty because of Skunkmoth.

There are international Sumo Slammers dolls.[1]


Tokyo 2 (48)

In Tokyo Fun, Part 2: Slamming It Up, during a trip to the Sumo Slammers' Amusement Park in Tokyo, Team Tennyson watches a real sumo fight as part of the Global Games. But when the diabolical Twin Brothers invade the event to avenge something that happened to their mother years earlier.


In Buggy Out, Ben won a Sumo Slammers Champion Belt by using his powers in a bumper car competition.

WOF (663)

In Wheels of Fortune, Ben wore an old Sumo Slammers shirt.


Ben 10[]

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  • The Sumo Slammers franchise has been around since at least 1987.[2][3]