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Sumo Slammers is a large media franchise spawning merchandise such as video games, trading card games, TV shows, movies, and MP3 players.

Video Games

Kevin holding a Sumo Slammer video game

Sumo Slammer Smackdown is a video game in which Sumo Slammer's main character Ishiyama, fights and battles against the shape-shifter Kenko, his archenemy. It is one of Ben's favorite games.

In Game Over, Ben and Gwen wound up in the video game when Ben attempted to use Upgrade to cheat at the game and was struck by lightning whilst playing. The Omnitrix is altered to make Ben find the Omnitrix shaped upgrades that transforms Ben into his aliens eventually collecting Four Arms, Cannonbolt and Upgrade which he uses to trounce Kenko and escape the game alive.

In Framed, Ben refers to a game Sumo Slammers 2.1.

In Perfect Day, a box full of copies of Sumo Slammers Space Wars falls out of a truck, and Ben later plays it.

In Video Games, Ben mentions Sumo Slammers IV: Tournament Edition. Later in the episode, Humungousaur uses moves from said game to defeat Stalker, as they were the only ones it didn't copy.

In Rules of Engagement, Ben plays a Sumo Slammers game while talking to Julie on the phone, and Ben kept on losing. Because of this, Ben kept on saying insults to the opponent, and Julie thought the insults were for her, because of this, they broke up.

In It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Ben World: Part 1, Ben and Ben 23 were seen playing a Sumo Slammers game.

In Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens, Ben recalls how he and Gwen were sucked into Sumo Slammers Smackdown.

Card Game

Sumo Slammer cards

There are three known colors of card shown in the series[1]:


The most common card.


The second most common card.


The rarest card. Ben puts a lot of effort into finding this card, and it is very valuable to Sumo Slammers fans.

Sumo Slammer DigiDownloader

Sumo Slammer DigiDownloader

This device downloads songs and soundtracks from Sumo Slammer Smackdown.[2]

Arcade Games

In Kevin 11, there is a Summer Slammers arcade in a four-star hotel in New York.

TV Series

In Monster Weather, is revealed that there is also a Sumo Slammer TV show.

In The Final Battle: Part 1, Ben makes several indirect references to Alien Force while watching the show, and the series is a parody of the Ben 10 franchise. The sequel of Sumo Slammers that he watches in Alien Force is called Sumo Slammers: Hero Generation. Interestingly, Hero Generation was the original working name for Alien Force.

Sumo Slammers: Hero Generation takes place 5 years after the original Sumo Slammers series (just like Alien Force takes place after 5 years), with the villain from the original series teams up with the Hero, a reference to Kevin joining up with Ben in Alien Force. Ben even references how Alien Force wasn't as popular as the original, by saying that Hero Generation was all messed up and whatnot. When Kevin expresses disgust towards the show, Ben says it is not as good as Sumo Slammers classic, a reference to Ben 10. He then says that in 5 episodes, it would switch to the original, which may have referenced how his personality and the overall writing of Alien Force somewhat reverted to the original series' in the Third Season.


Ben wearing a Sumo Slammer 3D movie glasses

In Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1, Ben mentions that there will be a Sumo Slammer live action movie, which made Kevin seem excited.

In Duped, Ben watched Sumo Slammers IV movie in 3D, where he and the other viewers used 3D glasses while wearing Samurai-like wig. He watches this movie again but this time with Elena (disguised as Julie) in The Perfect Girlfriend.

In Catfight, Ben watched Sumo Slammers VI in 3D, with Rook, Rayona and Ester, though they did not wear 3D glasses. They watched the movie again at the end of the episode.


In Voided, Gwen finds a Sumo Slammers battle ring playset while cleaning Ben's closet. Gwen refers to it as a dollhouse, which makes Ben upset. It was later accidentally broken when Gwen got knocked out by Helen and Manny's call.

In Have I Got a Deal for You, Ben receives a rare Sumo Slammer Action Figure from Blarney T. Hokestar.

In And Then There Was Ben, Gweniverse Ben is seen holding toys of Ishiyama and Kenko in his hands.


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  • The popularity of Ben's aliens with kids made Sumo Slammers less popular by the end of the summer in the original series.[pop-up 1][3]
  • Like all video games, the "main boss" fight with Kenko is the hardest level.[pop-up 2][3]
  • Similar to Ben, Kevin is interested in Sumo Slammers.[4][5] Of course, Kevin is more interested in the games and movies compared to the TV show.[6][DM 1]
    • Meanwhile, Gwen was interested in Sumo Slammers during the original series.[3] However, she has lost interest by Alien Force.[7]
  • In Duped when Ben was watching a Sumo Slammers movie in the theater he and the audience said, "It's slammer time!", another parody of the series being that his catchphrase is "It's hero time!".
  • The company purposely includes one bad episode every season to boost interest, so people can buy the toys.[8][9]
  • Omnitrixter is Ben's Sumo Slammers online account.[10]
  • The Dimension 23 counterpart of Sumo Slammers is known as Judo Jammers.[11][12]
  • In the online game FusionFall, several other characters like Sumo Slammers such as Bloo (from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends) and Mandark (from Dexter's Laboratory).
    • Oddly enough, both of them mentioned Sumo Slammers during Nano Missions. For example, Bloo needs his Juice box back so he can play Sumo Slammers online and beat "Omnitrixter". Meanwhile, Mandark wanted to find out who "Omnitrixter" is.
  • There is a real toy line based on the Sumo Slammers
  • Sumo Slammers is often used as a meta-reference to the Ben 10 franchise, as well as other big franchises in real life.


Dwayne McDuffie

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