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Who needs fair when you have flair?

– Subdora.[2]

Subdora is a Merlinisapien thief who worked for Maltruant along with her boyfriend Exo-Skull.


Subdora is a purple Merlinisapien who has dark stripes on her back and tail, with similarly colored markings on her head which give the illusion of hair. She also has a ponytail looking scale on the back of her head. She wears white garments, consisting of a white crop top and white shorts, a beret, and gloves. She has a black belt with six golden buckles and a white collar with one buckle. She has three toes, four fingers, purple lips and a birthmark on her cheek. She wears triple-lens glasses which hide her three eyes. The glasses are colored in three different ways: magenta, yellow and cyan.


Subdora is very free-spirited and obsessed with dancing. She also likes to over dramatize things. Sometimes she gets angry with her boyfriend, Exo-Skull, because of his manners, however, this only makes her more passionate.



Subdora came to Earth in the 1960s and went on a crime spree before she was discovered by Maltruant.[DJW 1]


Subdora first appeared in Fight at the Museum, when Maltruant sent her and Exo-Skull to get him an artifact, which was said to be the "key to time". Using her abilities, she easily managed to get the exhibited artifact but due to her dance moves, she accidentally activated the alarms. She tried to run but Wildmutt and Spanner managed to scare her away. When she returned to their hideout, Subdora told Exo-Skull what happened. At night, she broke into the museum's highly protected room and tried to steal the artifact again. However, Ben accidentally spread cheese dust on her which unveiled her disguise. She was chased by Rook, Spanner and Ester, who managed to get the artifact back. Subdora once again returned to their hideout empty-handed, which forced Exo-Skull to take charge of the situation. They returned to the museum and, with Exo-Skull keeping Ben's team busy, she managed to steal the mechanism her master wanted. They fled with an untraceable E-class smuggling ship to give their master what he wanted.

In It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 1, Subdora and Exo-Skull robbed an emporium, and were confronted by Ben and Ben 23. Though they managed to escape, the Bens followed them to the warehouse where Maltruant was hiding. During their second battle, Maltruant's Chrono cog was activated, and they were all transported to Mad Ben's Dimension. A short while after, they battled with the Bens once more over Maltruant's key. Both Subdora and Exo-Skull were defeated by the Techno-Bubble and Clockwork but were pulled away by Maltruant after he was reunited with his key.

In Let's Do the Time War Again, Subdora and Exo-Skull attacked Ben and Rook, keeping them busy while Eon stole a pair of Time Beast eggs.

In The Secret of Dos Santos, she was briefly seen when Maltruant's main spring was recovered.

In The Most Dangerous Game Show, Subdora was one of the contestants made to compete for Ben's hand in marriage.

In The End of an Era, she stole the Annihilarrgh from Plumber Headquarters, freeing Dr. Animo to distract Max. When the present-day Ben and Rook were brought in to help, Whampire used a Corruptura to control her, having her attack Exo-Skull.

She and Exo-Skull were ultimately abandoned by Maltruant as he traveled back to the beginning of the universe.

Powers and Abilities[]

Subdora's most used power is the ability to blend with her surroundings.

Subdora can climb walls with no apparent problems.[3]

Subdora is an extremely well trained hand-to-hand combatant fighting on par, even besting the likes of Rook. Ester has stated that "she is stronger than she looks".[3]

Subdora is highly agile and flexible, being capable of forming an S with her body.

Subdora has sharp teeth and claws that can scratch and rip away Exo-Skull's armor.[1]


Subdora is armed with a Positron Blaster, which is powerful enough to destroy an Anti-Gravity Projector.[2]


While she is effectively invisible to species with traditional visual ability, Vulpimancers can detect Subdora without issue.[3]Subdora can be tracked by an Anodite through their mana.[4]

While her clothes can blend into the surroundings as she does, Subdora's position can be given away if she is coated in a material such as paint or dust. Her camouflage is also useless if she is carrying something in her hands.[3][5]

Subdora can be frozen by a Necrofriggian's ice breath.[5]

Like many other species, Subdora can be taken over by Corrupturas.[1]

The Positron Blaster may sometimes fire a blast more powerful than intended, knocking her off-balance.[1]

Although her powers give her all the potential to become a professional thief, Subdora's need for artistic expression and ballet often unveils her.


Love Interests[]


FaM (143)

Exo-Skull and Subdora kissing

Exo-Skull and Subdora are in a relationship. He respects her need for artistic expression and is really supportive of her. However, he is not above taking control. For example, when she repeatedly failed to get the Orb of Pumapunku, he took over control of the operation.[3]



Season 7[]

Season 8[]


"Subdora" is the Italian word for "sneaky".


  • Subdora speaks with an Italian accent.
    • In addition, she makes copious usage of Italian phrases, such as "mi amore", to refer to Exo-Skull and "mio capo" for Maltruant, as well as proverbs ("She who perseveres wins at last.").[3]


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