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Now I can fly and kick butt at the same time! Cool!

– Stink Arms getting wrongfully enthusiastic.[1]

Stink Arms[2] is the combination of Four Arms and Stinkfly's DNA. He cannot be accessed unless the faceplate of the Omnitrix is broken or by using the Biomnitrix.[note 1]


Stink Arms mostly resembled Four Arms with a few of Stinkfly's characteristics. Four Arms' eyes were replaced by Stinkfly's eyestalks, and he had Stinkfly's tail and wings.

Stink Arms wore a shirt based on Stinkfly's suit and Four Arms' pants, and also wore the Omnitrix symbol on his face much like Stinkfly.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being part-Tetramand, Stink Arms has enhanced strength, enough to send the Mutant Frog flying by hitting it with a metal alligator from an establishment.

Being part-Lepidopterran, Stink Arms possesses limited flight, allowing him to hover above the ground and move quickly for a short amount of time. Stink Arms also has movable eyes that give him 360-degree vision, as well as a sharp tail.

Stink Arms has enhanced durability, jumping and reflexes.


Mutant (530)

Weighted Flying

Stink Arms' huge mass makes it hard for him to fly properly, unable to reach high altitudes like Stinkfly and only managing to float and make small jumps.

Despite his enhanced strength, Stink Arms is not as strong as Four Arms. For example, he was unable to lift the Mutant Frog for more than a few seconds.


Ben 10[]


Ben 10[]

Season 2[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
German Krakenjet From Krake (Four Arms' german name) and Minijet (Stinkfly's german name)
Italian Pungi2x2 from Pungiglione, sting (Stinkfly's Italian name) and due per due, two times two (Four Arms' Italian name)
Polish Muchoręki From mucha, fly and ręce, hand
Portuguese (Br) Insectobraços From Insecto, insect; and braço, arm
Romanian Stink Braţe From stink, and braţe, hands
Russian Силач и Жук From From силач, strong man and и, and, and жук, beetle
Spanish (HA) Insectobrazos From insecto, insect; and brazo, arm
Turkish Pul Kol
Kokuşmuş Kollar
From pul kol, stamp sleeve
From kokuşmuş, rotten and kollar, arms


  • Stink Arms is the first fusion alien in the franchise.
  • Stink Arms' voice is the same as Stinkfly's.
  • Stink Arms can be created in DNA Lab, along with many other fusions. He is the only fusion from the show to appear in the game.
  • Stink Arms was designed by Thomas Perkins.[TP 1]


  1. Diamond Matter, Heat Jaws, and Stink Arms are three fusions which were originally created by a broken, prototype Omnitrix. All three fusions are possible with the Biomnitrix, however, they might differ in aspects such as appearance, powers and weaknesses due to the fact that there's no evidence to support the idea that the broken prototype Omnitrix creates fusions the same way as the Biomnitrix.


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