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Steve is an announcer who first appeared in The Ring Leader.


He wears a dark gray cowboy hat and and a dark gray suit and wears golden rings. He has black sideburns. He has a grey and black cowboy hat, and wears a grey suit on top of a white and black shirt. He also wears a golden necklace.


He and his partner Bill were the announcers of Midwest Wrestling Smackdown. He his partner most likely are the judges in every competition where ever Ben and Gwen go. It seemed they had a great appreciation for Iron Kyle, until they found out Iron Kyle is a guy in robot suit, much for their disappointment.

In Assault on Pancake Palace, he and Bill were at the pancake eating contest.

In Rath of Con, he and Bill were judges at a competition during Top Tail. They were impressed by Gwen's acrobatic skills and awarded her with a medal as the winner. Steve gave Ben his cat-eared hat as a runner-up prize.

In The Bentathlon, he and Bill were kidnapped by the Forever Knight to be commentators in his gladiator tournament. They were both released sometime later.

In Cosplay Day, he and Bill were commentators at Cos-Con. Later on the Forever Knight uses Steve's body as a host to escape, but was pursued by Ben as Omni-Kix Cannonbolt. Forever Knight would then move on to Max's body, leaving Steve to faint in exhaustion. When Phil arrived to retrieve the helmet, Steve awards Phil with the award for best costume, much to Ben's dismay.


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