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Starshine is a character who appeared in Shhh!


When in the Domicile

She has long brown hair and brown eyes, freckles on her cheeks, and wore a pale blue gown. She had a flower necklace on her forehead, wore a gold bracelet on her left wrist and wore brown sandals. After leaving the domicile, she wears a blue t-shirt and dark blue pants.


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Starshine is a calm and caring person. She is an expert in being quiet, and can act what she wants to say. She is kind to outsiders, and she is patient with them. In the past, in her spare time, she used to practice a mechanic shop, so she is good at fixing cars.


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She was one of the people living in the Docile Dragon Domicile. She, and everyone else living there took a vow of silence, in order to keep the Docile Dragon asleep.


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