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You are hereby charged with unauthorized alteration of reality, and for that, you must pay.

– Starbeard to Ben.[2]

Starbeard is a Celestialsapien who first appeared in Universe vs. Tennyson.


Starbeard is a muscular Celestialsapien with a long beard and two horn-like spikes coming out of the sides of his head. He wears bluish-metallic bandages and shoulder pads. He has a staff in the same color as the bandages, which has a bright, white orb between two spikes.


He is one of the few Celestialsapiens whose two consciousnesses are in balance and can make decisive decisions.



He debuted in Universe vs. Tennyson, where he took Ben to the intergalactic court, telling him that he had violated the Multiverse Preservation Act and abused the powers of Alien X by recreating the entire Universe. He convinced the majority of the Universe that Ben is guilty and seemed to be winning the trial for the most part. However, by using the power of Alien X, Ben won the hand-to-hand combat against the Galactic Gladiator and with that the trial itself.


In The End of an Era, Starbeard was present at Max Tennyson's retiring celebration.

Powers and Abilities

He has the powers of any Celestialsapien.


He has the weaknesses of any Celestialsapien.



Season 6

Season 8


His name is a play on "star" and "Blackbeard".


  1. There has been much debate between fans as to if Celestialsapiens are to be considered omnipotent or nigh-omnipotent. Given that any thought of a Celestialsapien can be converted to reality, by definition Celestialsapiens are all-powerful and thus are omnipotent. Furthermore, Celestialsapiens have been stated to be omnipotent by Azmuth and Professor Paradox,[1] as well as by crew members such as Dwayne McDuffie[DM 1] and Matt Wayne.[MW 1] While their physical forms do have weaknesses, they can be eliminated at any moment by a resolution of their personalities. Their actions being reverted by other Celestialsapiens, and them being harmed because of the time it takes for the personalities to agree to defend themselves is a practical limitation on Celestialsapiens. In theory, they have all possible power, as there is no thought that cannot be converted into reality. Yet, due to the aforementioned limitations some consider them to be nigh-omnipotent. The discretion is left to the reader to decide which category to put Celestialsapiens in.


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