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The Stalker was a robot commissioned by Will Harangue in which he recorded Ben's aliens' moves in a video game motion capture-type scanning. It appeared in the episode Video Games.


The Stalker was as part of Will Harangue's plot to "destroy Ben Tennyson". It recorded all of Ben's aliens except Way Big (who was too big) and Nanomech (who was too small).

The Stalker was damaged when Humungousaur used a Sumo Slammers attack, which was not recorded into the Stalker, causing it to go haywire. The defeat was followed by Nanomech, who was able to go inside it and ruin the robot's circuits, which caused it to malfunction. It was crushed by Way Big and he dropped it onto Harangue's car, destroying it.

Powers and Abilities

The Stalker possessed immense strength, allowing to easily overpower aliens like Humungousaur and Lodestar. It was also able to break Gwen's mana.

The Stalker was durable enough to resist damage from Humungousaur's normal attacks, had 360 degree vision, and was immune to Spidermonkey's webbing.

The Stalker had retractable claws, multiple laser blasters, missile launchers, and a pair of electric antennae.

The Stalker was equipped with countermeasures for every alien Ben had access to prior to Video Games excluding Way Big and Nanomech, including:

  • Strong adhesives, which were used to trap Cannonbolt in place.
  • A flamethrower, which was used to temporarily blind Humungousaur.
  • A non-magnetic alloy, which rendered Lodestar's powers useless.
  • Retractable mirrors, which were used to deflect Jetray's neuroshock blasts.
  • A built-in heat generator, which was used to melt Big Chill's ice.
  • Fire extinguishers, which were used to put out Swampfire's fire attacks.
  • A chemical liquid sprayer, which was used to kill Swampfire's plants.
  • Missile Launchers, which were used to shoot Humungousaur.
  • An Electric Antennae which was used on Humungousaur and Kevin.


While the Stalker's A.I. was designed to trace and destroy Ben's car, it is not very smart, as it once accidentally attacked a minivan that looked similar to it.

The Stalker cannot counter and can be damaged by attacks that were not recorded into it.


Ultimate Alien

Season 1


  • The Stalker does not have counters for Nanomech, Way Big, or Sumo Slammers attacks, since none of these were used when recording all of Ben's moves.
  • Visually, the Stalker is somewhat similar to the Omnidroid from the 2004 Pixar film The Incredibles.
  • The Stalker has automatic and manual controls.
  • The Stalker is a homage of the Spider-Slayers from Marvel Comics, especially based on the first Spider-Slayer, as both are spider-like robots that can be piloted remotely and project the pilot's face on the screen to taunt the hero. This correlates with Harangue being partially based off J. Jonah Jameson.
  • The Stalker is a boss on Ultimatrix Unleashed on level 3.
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