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I am Ssserpent, the snake that walks like a man.

– Ssserpent to Cannonbolt.[1]

Ssserpent is a snake-like alien[DJW 1] villain in Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


Ssserpent resembles a snake that stands as tall as a human. He has dark green skin, yellowish-gold scales, and two arms that end in snake mouth's. He also has pale yellow eyes, and a forked tongue like a real snake.


Ssserpent is a strategic thinker who formulates plans for whomever he is fighting against. However, he has shown to be overconfident in his abilities, believing that he has foreseen every outcome, and has everything planned. He also seems to act like a real snake, being very violent in battle, and also somewhat scary to his enemies, as he once menacingly stated to Gwen that he swallows his prey whole, which visibly frightened her.

Ssserpent can also be dark and cold towards his opponents, as he declared that Ben would be his "evening snack", and later tried to make him pay for his previous defeats by painfully torturing him as Goop, telling him that he would be "very, very sorry".


Alien Force[]

Ssserpent first appeared in Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1. He was seen fighting Gwen and Kevin (for more than an hour according to Gwen) and proved to be too tough for them, but was easily defeated by the arrival of Ben as Cannonbolt.

Ultimate Alien[]

Ssserpent reappears in Video Games. Having been paroled out of the Null Void Prison, he tries to fight Ben as Four Arms only to be crushed by two cars that Four Arms used as weapons.

TPG (72)

Ssserpent tortures Goop

In The Perfect Girlfriend, Ssserpent becomes a much bigger threat. Apparently, he has learned much more as he has been watching Ben and studying his tactics, allowing him to plan for Ben to use Goop. In a warehouse, he was able to defeat and torture Goop by separating him from his Anti-Gravity Projector, rendering him immobile, and trapping and spinning him in a large centrifugal machine, causing Goop to start separating into multiple components.

However, Ssserpent was forced to escape when the police came along and Elena Valadis, who was impersonating Julie at the time, deactivated the machine before it could finish off Goop. Later, Ssserpent gave Ben and the police the slip by shedding his skin and using it as a trick. It is currently unknown where he is now.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ssserpent is an extremely skilled strategist, studier and learner, as he had been studying Ben's thinking actions and formed a plan to make him use Goop in order to beat him. Unfortunately, the plan failed due to interference from Elena (who was disguised as Julie at the time).[2]

Ssserpent has enough stamina and energy to continue fighting for over an hour without tiring, as he proved to be a considerable foe for both Gwen and Kevin, who were unable to defeat him until Ben arrived.[1]

Ssserpent's arms are bone-less and joint-less, allowing him a vast amount of flexibility. He can stretch them very far and can wrap them around his enemies. He is also able to strangle his opponents' bodies like an Anaconda, and can spit venom. Additionally, he has sharp fangs.

Ssserpent is strong enough to lift opponents into the air with one arm, punch the stone coating off of Kevin's face and smash through Gwen's mana shields.[1]

Ssserpent is durable enough to withstand Gwen's mana attacks. He is also agile enough to quickly dodge them.[1]

Ssserpent seems to have high inventive skills, as he was able to create a large blender-like machine to torture Goop with.[2]

Ssserpent can shed his skin like a real snake.[2]

Given the fact that he once attempted to eat Ben, Ssserpent may be able to unhinge his jaws like a real snake. He also once stated to be able to swallow his opponents whole, as mentioned above.[3]


Alien Force[]

Season 2[]

Ultimate Alien[]

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  • Though he refers to himself as "The Snake That Walks Like A Man",[1] Ssserpent merely slithers upright rather than having legs to walk.
  • Much like most snake-like characters in media, whenever Ssserpent says something that has an S, the S is tripled (sss).
  • Ssserpent is similar to a Nāga (snake man), and would serve as the basis for King Koil from the reboot.
  • Derrick J. Wyatt hoped that Ssserpent was not from the same species as Snakepit,[DJW 2] whereas Tom Perkins does not know for sure whether or not they were ever intended to be related.[TP 1]
  • Derrick never considered including Ssserpent in Omniverse because he did not like his design.[DJW 1]


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