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Squidstrictor is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cephalod-ae from the planet Molluskus.


Squidstrictor is an orange animalistic alien with a jellyfish-like head, green eyes, and a body with nine tentacles like a squid, two of which act as primary arms. The Omnitrix is located on the chest of the torso that connects the tentacles.

Powers and Abilities

Squidstrictor has multiple tentacles with powerful suckers which he can use along with his powerful grip and incredible crushing abilities to crush opponents into submission.

Squidstrictor's extended tentacles also help him "feel" the Mana or emotions of everything he comes into contact with.

Squidstrictor has the ability to squeeze into small spaces in order to escape opponents. He can also camouflage into his surroundings.

Squidstrictor can spray a jet of ink that can blind enemies or make them slip.

Squidstrictor can breathe underwater easily.


Squidstrictor has an aversion to strong light and can easily become entangled.

Squidstrictor cannot stay out of water for longer than 20 minutes otherwise he will be dehydrated.

Squidstrictor is considered a delicacy by the Cephalod-ae's predator species, the Humpbackus.






Squidstrictor's name comes from "squid" and "constrictor", referencing his appearance.


  • When he first appeared, Squidstrictor was originally being deemed a non-canon alien.[DM 1][MW 1] However, he was eventually canonized in Omniverse.[DJW 2]


Crew Statements

Dwayne McDuffie

Matt Wayne

Derrick J. Wyatt

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