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Newredomni Characters and/or events in this article appear in official media of the franchise
but are non-canon to the TV continuity.

Squidstrictor is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cephalod-ae from the planet Molluskus.[Net 1]


Squidstrictor is an orange animalistic alien, with a large head and a shell on top, which runs down his back. He has two eyes on opposite sides of his head, and a mouth full of what appears to be white teeth or baleens. He has nine tentacles, which he can use like arms or legs. At least four of these tentacles end in 'clubs', with suckers on the bottom ends, just like a squid has. He has dark orange grooves on the top of his clubs and the top of his shell. The Omnitrix is located on his torso that connects the tentacles.

Powers and Abilities[]

From the many suckers on his tentacles, Squidstrictor has the ability to "feel" and detect the mana in every living thing he comes into contact with.[Net 1]

Squidstrictor has a powerful grip and incredible crushing abilities with his tentacles.[Net 1]

Squidstrictor can contort his body to fit into small spaces.[Net 1]

Squidstrictor can change the color of his skin to camouflage.[Net 1]

Squidstrictor is able to shoot a sticky jet stream of ink that can blind or slow down enemies.[Net 1]


Squidstrictor has an aversion to strong light.[Net 1]

Squidstrictor can get his tentacles tangled easily.[Net 1]

Squidstrictor cannot stay out of water for longer than 20 minutes.[Net 1]



Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Italian Squidstrictor From the original English name
Polish Squidstrictor From the original English name
Portuguese (Br) Lula Cósmica From lula, squid and cósmica, cosmic
Romanian Squidstrictor From the original English name
Russian Сквидстриктор From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Squidstrictor From the original English name
Turkish Squidstrictor From the original English name


Squidstrictor's name is a portmanteau of "squid" and "constrictor", referencing his appearance and strength.


  • In the Power of the Omnitrix play, Squidstrictor's Omnitrix symbol is positioned sideways, similar to Jetray in Ben 10 Franklin.
    • The idea of Omnitrix symbols being positioned sideways would later include those of the Omni-Kix Armors.
  • Despite being non-canon,[DM 1][MW 1] Derrick J. Wyatt believed Squidstrictor is canon[DJW 1] and was unlocked off-screen prior to Omniverse.[DJW 2]
    • Had the network allowed the crew to include more aliens into Omniverse, Derrick would have incorporated Squidstrictor.[DJW 3][DJW 4]
    • Had he appeared on-screen, Squidstrictor would have been fairly large and accompanied by the sound of wet noodles.[DJW 5][DJW 6]


Ben 10.Net[]

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