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Spleen is a cartoon character who first appeared in And Xingo Was His Name-O.


Spleen is a cartoon yellow colored duck wearing a pink bow.


Spleen often hangs out with Bizmark. She doesn't take anything seriously, to Spleen it's all a joke, but it doesn't get to the point of torture like Xingo or Bizmark. She has also been seen to be very innocent and clueless.


Spleen first appeared in And Xingo Was His Name-O where she along with Bizmark had moved to a new home near Xingo's house, where she meets Ben.

Spleen is then later seen on TV in Xingo Nation.

In Xingo’s World, it is revealed that Spleen is running a different show, which is causing Xingo's show to fall in the ratings.

Powers and Abilities

Spleen has a cartoon physiology which allows her to be able to survive damage with ease. [1]. This also allows her to have enhanced strength as she was able to carry a large piano with ease.


Spleen's cartoon physiology can be overpowered by someone who also has the same abilities.


Season 3

Season 4


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