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Spitter is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sphoeroid from the planet Scalpasc.


Spitter is a green, bulbous alien that resembles a pufferfish. He has three spikes sticking out the top and bottom of his head, and his mouth covers mostly the upper front of him, which is filled with dull-colored, pointed teeth. His eyes are connected to the corners of his lips, he has arms with four-fingered hands, short, stubby legs and a long tail.

In Ultimate Alien, Spitter looks exactly the same as he did in the original series, except he now has light green eyes and white teeth, and the mouthpiece near his eyes are now dark green.

Spitter wears the original Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on a pair of black pants that partly cover his stomach.

Powers and Abilities

  • Slime Spit
  • Body Inflation
  • Sharp Teeth

Spitter can inflate into a ball-like shape and spit out a concentrated blast of very slippery slime that can be made acidic.

Spitter has enhanced strength, as seen when he held Dr. Animo with no difficulty.[1]

Because he has no nostrils, Spitter is immune to poisonous gases. He also has sharp teeth.

Spitter's slime can be highly conductive, as shown when Ken as Buzzshock electrified a puddle of the slime to attack Mot Snikrep and Kevin 11,000.[2]


Ben 10,000


Ben 10,000
Season 3
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Season 4

Cartoon Network Action Packs
  • Wanted (The Once and Future Ben)

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Спитър From the original English name
Burmese Twe gon From a play for goo
Chinese 呕吐人 From 呕吐 (Ǒu Tù), vomit, and (Rén), man
Dutch Spuger From spuger, spitter
French Cracheur From cracheur, spitter
German Schleimer From schleim, slime
Greek Φτύστης From φτύστης, spitter
Hebrew יוֹרֵק From יוֹרֵק , spitter
Hungarian Köpködő From köpködő, spitting
Italian Spitter From the original name
Polish Plujak From plujak, spitter
Portuguese (Br) Cuspidor From cuspidor, spitter
Romanian Scuipacila From scuipacila, spitter
Russian Плевальщик From плевальщик (pleval’shik), spitter
Spanish (HA) Spitter From the original English name
Spanish (Spain) Espitón From espitón, big spitter


  • Spitter is the only known alien seen used by Ben 10,000 that present-day Ben has never used on-screen. Furthermore, he is also the only regular alien seen in the original series that did not appear in Omniverse.
    • His absence from Omniverse was probably because the crew ran out of time; they tried to include as many aliens as they could. Had Spitter appeared, he probably would have looked pretty similar to his previous designs, but with a new costume.[DJW 2]
  • Spitter is one of the only two aliens in Ultimate Alien not to have the Ultimatrix symbol on their chests, having it on his stomach instead; the other being Murk Upchuck.
  • Spitter came to be from re-purposing one of Perk Upchuck's prototype designs, similar to Arctiguana, albeit the latter's coloring was changed during re-purposing.
  • Spitter and Fourmungousaur are the only aliens that never spoke on-screen.


Crew Statements

Derrick J. Wyatt

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