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Spidermonkey is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Arachnichimp from the planet Aranhascimmia.


Spidermonkey is a small monkey-like alien with four arms with three-fingered hands, two legs with two-toed feet, blue fur over a dark blue center, two pairs of green eyes (making a total of four), and a tail.

Spidermonkey wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Spidermonkey has the ability to expel webbing from his tail. His webbing is very sticky, meaning he can use it to trap opponents or blind them by shooting webbing in their face. Spidermonkey can also shape his webs into slings, or to swing across vast distances.

Spidermonkey is highly skilled in close-quarters, hand-to-hand combat.

Spidermonkey can use his sticky fur to cling to and scale vertical surfaces.

Spidermonkey has enhanced strength, enough to swing a lamp post like a bat.

Spidermonkey has enhanced agility and enhanced acrobatic skills.

Spidermonkey is very durable considering his size, enough to survive being knocked in a large pile of garbage.[1]

Due to his extra limbs and prehensile tails, Spidermonkey has extraordinary dexterity, which gives him an advantage in combat.

Spidermonkey has hearing superior to a human's.


Spidermonkey can get tangled by his own webs. Furthermore, enemies can easily use his webs to their advantage.

Spidermonkey is vulnerable to magic, as shown when he was stunned by one of General Hex's spells.[1]

Unless he maintains his health as he ages, Spidermonkey's stamina will put him at a disadvantage. In turn, this will make him vulnerable to muscle cramps.[1]

There is a limit to Spidermonkey's durability, as he was disoriented from a discarded toilet seat lid hitting him on the head.[1]

There is a limit to Spidermonkey's agility, as getting up on his feet too quickly can leave him lightheaded.[1]


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Spidermonkey is named after the spider monkey, an endangered species of monkeys, as well as being an amalgamation of words "spider" and "monkey", referencing his spider-based powers and monkey-like appearance.


  • Duncan Rouleau initially stated that there were no plans for Spidermonkey to appear in the reboot,[DR 1][DR 2] most likely to avoid spoilers for Ben 10,010.
  • Spidermonkey is one of Man of Action's favorite aliens.[DR 2]
  • Spidermonkey's design in the reboot is mostly similar to his Classic counterpart's appearance in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien but with legs resembling his arms, feet with only two toes each, and no stripes on his tail.
  • Spidermonkey is one of Dee Bradley Baker's favorite aliens to voice, the other being Big Chill.[DBB 1][DBB 2]


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