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I may be small, but I'm wiry.

– Spidermonkey, fighting with Crabdozer.[1]

Spidermonkey is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Arachnichimp from the planet Aranhaschimmia.


Ben as Spidermonkey

Spidermonkey is a small monkey-like alien with four arms, two legs, three fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot, blue fur over a dark blue center, and a tail with two stripes near the tip.

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Spidermonkey had two pairs of green eyes (making a total of four), wore the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

In Heroes United, Spidermonkey looked mostly the same except his eyes were completely black like a spider, although he retained the green pupils. The shape of the fur surrounding the bottom of his face is also slightly different.

In Omniverse, Spidermonkey has three pairs of green eyes (making a total of six), his hair is flipped up, the two stripes on his tail have turned white, and the fur on his head is spiky with white stripes. His nose has now shifted to his forehead and its shape has changed. The Omnitrix symbol on his chest is now connected to two green sashes worn across his chest.

Albedo as Negative Spidermonkey

In Good Copy, Bad Copy, Negative Spidermonkey looked exactly like Ben's Spidermonkey. In The Final Battle: Part 1, Negative Spidermonkey's eyes and Ultimatrix symbol were recolored red.

In Omniverse, Negative Spidermonkey looks mostly the same as Ben's Spidermonkey except his fur is recolored black, his skin is recolored greyish, the stripes in his hair and on his tail are recolored light grey, and his eyes, sashes, and Ultimatrix symbol are recolored red.


Spidermonkey has a wisecracking personality, making random jokes during the course of battle.

Powers and Abilities

Spidermonkey has the ability to expel webbing from his tail, which was once stated to be as strong as steel. His webbing is very sticky, meaning he can use it to trap opponents or blind them by shooting webbing in their face. Spidermonkey can also shape his webs into slings, or to swing across vast distances.[2][3]

Spidermonkey is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Spidermonkey's paws can stick to and be used to scale vertical surfaces.

Spidermonkey has enhanced strength, as he was capable of using a lamp post to hit Ultimate Kevin up a few feet,[4] carry Queen Voratia Rumbletum over his back,[5] and carry No Watch Ben while web-slinging without any difficulty.[3]

Spidermonkey has enhanced agility and enhanced acrobatic skills.

Spidermonkey is very durable considering his size, as shown when he was able to survive seemingly unharmed after several large pieces of concrete fell on him.[6][1]

Spidermonkey's feet and tail are both prehensile. They also possess enhanced dexterity, enabling him to hold and carry multiple objects as if they are extra hands.[7]

Spidermonkey has hearing superior to a human's; this feat was demonstrated by Simian when he heard Gwen and Kevin talking about him from several feet away.[8]

Spidermonkey can show bipedalism for short period of time, such as when he was seen standing on two legs after hitting Ultimate Kevin.


Spidermonkey can get tangled by his own webs.[9][10] Furthermore, enemies can easily use his webs to their advantage.[11]

Spidermonkey's webs can be frozen and made brittle by the ice breath of a Polar Manzardill.[12] They can also be dissolved by the energy generated by a Crystalsapien.[13]

Spidermonkey's webs can be torn apart by species with as much or more strength than a Cerebrocrustacean.[6]

Spidermonkey is vulnerable to being blown away by a Geochelone Aerio's tornadoes.[4]

Being an Arachnichimp, Spidermonkey is vulnerable to his natural predator, the Root Shark.[14]

Spidermonkey can be rendered unconscious if hit by a quill from a member of Argit's species, as demonstrated with Simian.[15]


Alien Force

Ultimate Alien


Gwen Alters the Past Timeline

  • In Time Heals, Spidermonkey was found by the Prime Timeline Gwen in Hex's torture chamber.

Future (Ultimate Alien)


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Season 2
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Ultimate Ben
Season 3

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Video Games

Spidermonkey in Vilgax Attacks and Cosmic Destruction

Ben 10: Alien Force

Spidermonkey is a playable alien in the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable versions of the game.

Spidermonkey is initially unavailable, but is unlocked at the beginning of The Forest Mid-evil/Medieval level.

Spidermonkey is able to scale certain surfaces, as well as web himself up anchor points, thereby reaching otherwise inaccessible areas.

Spidermonkey is vital for progression on The Forest Mid-evil/Medieval, Bombs Away!, A Few Bad Eggs, Plumber Trouble, Rural Rumble, and Running on Autopilot levels of the game.

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

Spidermonkey is a playable alien in the game.

Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable Versions

Due to the Omnitrix rebooting after Ben's abuse of the quick-change feature during his battle with an animated Mr. Smoothy mascot, Spidermonkey, along with Swampfire, Big Chill, Humungousaur, and Cannonbolt were the only aliens available on Ben's arsenal upon his arrival on Vulpin.

Spidermonkey is able to grab onto ledges and climb pipes, as well as web swing using anchor points, thereby reaching otherwise inaccessible areas.

Flying Monkey Kick is an unlockable combo move for Spidermonkey.

Spidermonkey is vital for progression on the Bellwood, Vulpin, Terradino, Encephalonus IV, Anur Phaetos, and Mor' Otesi levels of the game.

Nintendo DS Version

Spidermonkey and Humungousaur are re-unlocked upon Ben's arrival on Terradino.

Spidermonkey is able to scale vertical surfaces and web swing from tree branches and floating rocks.

Spidermonkey is vital for progression on the Bellwood, Terradino, Encephalonus IV and Null Void levels of the game.

Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex

Spidermonkey is a playable alien in the game.

Due to the Omnitrix shorting out after Ben fiddled with it, Spidermonkey was temporarily locked until the beginning of Level 5.

Spidermonkey is able to scale rough surfaces, as well as web himself up specially designated platforms, thus reaching otherwise inaccessible areas.

Spidermonkey's small size allows him to navigate areas most of Ben's aliens and Ben himself are unable to access.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

Spidermonkey is a playable alien in the game.

Similar to Echo Echo, Spidermonkey's small size allows him to fit into small passages other aliens cannot.

Spidermonkey is vital for progression on the Devil's Tower, Tokyo Nights, and The Final Battle levels of the game.

Ben 10: Galactic Racing

Spidermonkey is a playable alien in the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii versions of the game.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Albanian Majmuni-Merimangë From majmuni, monkey, and merimange, spider
Bulgarian Паякомаймуна/Payakomaymuna From паяк/payak, spider, and маймуна/maymuna, monkey
Chinese 蜘蛛魔猴 From 蜘蛛 (Zhī Zhū), spider, and 魔猴 (Mó Hóu), Hanuman
Dutch Slingeraap From slingeraap, swinging monkey
French Arachno-singe From arachn-, prefix linked to spiders, and singe, monkey
German Spidermonkey From the original English name
Greek Αραχνοπίθηκος/Arachnopíthi̱kos From αράχνη/arachno, spider, and πιθηκος/píthi̱kos, monkey
Hebrew עכביקוף From עכביש, spider, and קוף, monkey
Hungarian Majompók From majom, monkey, and pók, spider
Italian Scimparagno From scimpanzé, chimpanzee, and ragno, spider
Korean 스파이더몽키 From 스파이더, transcription of spider, and 몽키, transcription of monkey
Norwegian Edderape From edderkopp, spider, and ape, monkey
Polish Pajęczarz From pająk, spider
Portuguese (Br) Macaco-Aranha From macaco, monkey, and aranha, spider
Romanian Maimuta-Paianjen From maimuta, monkey, and paianjen, spider
Russian Обезьяна-Паук/Obez'yana-pauk From Обезьяна/Obez'yana monkey, and паук/pauk, spider
Spanish (HA) Mono Araña From mono araña, spidermonkey
Spanish (Spain) Mono Araña From mono araña, spidermonkey
Turkish Örümcekmaymun From örümcekmaymun, spidermonkey


Spidermonkey is named after the spider monkey, an endangered species of monkeys, as well as being an amalgamation of words "spider" and "monkey", referencing his spider-based powers and monkey-like appearance.



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Derrick J. Wyatt

Dee Bradley Baker

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